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Get in touch if you’re facing eviction

News release 9816, published on 03 Nov 2020
Tenants facing eviction from their privately rented homes are urged to contact Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s housing team to receive vital support.

The suspension of evictions, due to COVID-19, was lifted at the end of August and the courts are due to start hearing cases this month (November). Anybody who has been served an eviction notice, or is expecting one, or struggling to pay their rent should seek expert advice as soon as possible.

The council’s housing team advises anybody worried that their landlord may evict them to get in touch on 01256 844844 or email  

Private landlords are required to give their tenants six months’ eviction notice, but notice periods can be shorter if a landlord served notice before 29 August 2020.

Landlords can only ask tenants to leave by serving either a Section 21 notice, where the landlord doesn't need to give a reason for eviction; or a Section 8 notice, when landlords must prove grounds for asking a tenant to leave.

It is illegal for a landlord to pressure a tenant to leave without serving notice, or to harass or lock tenants out of their home without a court order. The council’s Landlord Liaison Team will give assistance to tenants and landlords to ensure that the correct legal process is followed.

Cabinet Member for Homes and Families Cllr Tristan Robinson said: “We have been through a tough year with the pandemic and facing difficult times ahead this winter with another period of lockdown, so it is vital that any private tenants who are concerned that they could be evicted from their homes act now to get help rather than do nothing.

“Our housing team offers specialist support to both private tenants and landlords and this could prevent vulnerable people from becoming homeless or sofa-surfing.

“Please don’t ignore your situation until it’s too late. There is help available, including legal advice on challenging an illegal eviction and emergency housing. There is somebody who will listen to your concerns.”

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