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Housing benefit and council tax support may be available for tenants on a low income to help pay their rent and council tax. To apply your tenant must complete an application form, which they can do online by visiting the Claiming housing benefit and/or council tax support page. They may also be able to apply through the Job Centre Plus or the Pension Service.

Housing benefit and council tax support are means tested and several factors are considered when deciding whether and how much they will receive:

  • The amount of rent payable
  • The council tax due on the property
  • The tenant’s income
  • How much savings the tenant has
  • Household composition
  • The amount set by government to reflect the basic needs of the claimant and family

Certain tenants are not entitled to housing benefit and council tax support, for example, if they are a close relative living with the landlord; a full time student (except in limited circumstances); or they have a non-commercial agreement.

Housing benefit is only payable for the "eligible rent". This includes:

  • Actual rent, or housing costs, for the property.
  • Charges for some services, such as lifts, communal laundry facilities or maintenance of children’s communal play areas.

The following charges will not be eligible for housing benefit and should not be included in the rent.

  • Water charges
  • Charges for heating, hot water, lighting, or fuel
  • Payments for food, laundry, cleaning or cooking
  • Costs that include telephone rental or TV licensing

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If you have an enquiry about benefits, send a message to the Benefits Team

If you wish to make a claim for housing benefit/council tax support but you are unable to claim using the online application, please contact us on the telephone number below.

Telephone: 01256 844844

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