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The Mayor’s Chaplain is chosen by the Mayor and is an honorary title. The role of the Chaplain is to offer spiritual guidance to the Mayor as and when required and to assist in organising the civic service, other civic occasions and prayers or suitable thoughts for the occasion at council meetings. The Chaplain is usually seated near to the Mayor at these events.

The Mayor’s Chaplain can also act as a focal point for religious or Faith groups in the area and to advise the Mayor on religious and other matters. The residents of the area will not all be of the same belief and the Mayor’s Chaplain can explain the differences and similarities of belief and practice. Attending a religious or other service of another faith is the outward show that he or/ she is the Mayor of all the people and of the right to worship freely. It is therefore important that the support that the Chaplain gives to the Mayor helps the Mayor to understand and lead all sections of the community.

Dr Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor - Chaplain

The Mayor’s Chaplain this year is her husband and “consort”, Andy Taylor. Andy has led two congregations of Basingstoke Community Churches at various times and is currently Community Pastor, helping to improve the lives of the most needy in our town through a variety of projects. He chaired the Alliance of Basingstoke Churches from 2006 to 2013 and is currently a member of the One Church Basingstoke Leadership Team.

Andy is not new to the role of Mayor’s chaplain, having held the position jointly under two Mayors in the past.

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