Submit a planning application, forms and fees

It should be noted that the new Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) came into effect from 25 June 2018 and will be payable on relevant planning permissions granted from this date. Please visit the CIL pages for further information.

Applications may only be submitted to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council online through the Planning Portal or on the National 1APP paper forms at the bottom of this page.

All applications must comply with the information and document requirements as set out in the National Requirements checklist and the Local Requirements checklist for any given application type.

Submit an application online

The Planning Portal provides guidance and information about making planning applications. You can submit an application online using the Portal, complete the forms, attach the drawings and pay for the application fee with a card. Please contact the Planning Portal helpline - 0333 323 4589 - if you have problems submitting an application through the Portal. Alternatively, you can pay by card through our Customer Service Centre on 01256 844844 or by sending a cheque to us.

It is also possible to produce and pay for a site location plan online from a licensed Ordnance Survey supplier.

Please note: no individual file can be bigger than 10MB and the maximum size for all attachments within an individual application is 20MB. Format for files should be either:

  • .pdf
  • .jpg
  • .tif.

Please note that A3 size plans are preferable as this helps the public and consultees to view the plans online. We are unable to accept plans larger than A1 size.

Fees for planning applications and consents

The documents below set out the fees required when making a planning application or consent, or you can use the Planning Portal fee calculator. Fees are set by central government and deals with the processing of the application. The fee is non-refundable once the application has been registered.

Planning application fee notes

Fees for planning applications

Tips for submitting a valid application

A total of 48% of planning applications last year were invalid when submitted. It is important to ensure that your application is complete and has been checked before submitting it to us, to prevent any delays in dealing with your application. Details of the information required for different types of application can be found by clicking on the relevant application form in the application types section.

The top five reasons why applications are not valid when received are:

  1. Discrepancies between plans – for example, a window shown on a floor plan must also be shown on the elevation plan.
  2. Certificates – as part of the application forms you are required to complete an ownership and ‘agricultural holding certificate’ and these are often missed and not submitted.
  3. Planning fees – these need to accompany the application and until they are received the application will remain invalid (see the section on fees for planning applications and consents above).
  4. Unauthorised use of Ordnance Survey (OS) plans – unless you have a licence to reprint OS plans, using them as your application plans is restricted by copyright. You can buy authorised plans from the OS website or the Planning Portal.
  5. Disclaimer on plans – where a plan has ‘do not scale’ on it we will have to seek the plan author’s agreement to remove this from the plan. All plans submitted as part of a planning application must be able to be scaled from.

Example of the type of plans required as part of a planning application submission. (PDF 127 KB)

Please note that A3 size plans are preferable and we are unable to accept plans larger than A1 size.

Design and access statements

A design and access statement is a concise report accompanying certain applications for planning permission and applications for listed building consent. They provide an outline for applicants to explain how the proposed development is suitable to the site and its setting, and demonstrate that it can be adequately accessed by prospective users. Design and access statements can help decision-making by enabling us and third parties to better understand the analysis that has supported the design of a development proposal.

The level of detail in a design and access statement should be proportionate to the complexity of the application, but should not be long.

Further advice about what a design and access statement should cover can be found in the planning practice guidance.

Biodiversity checklist

All local authorities have to consider the conservation of biodiversity (natural environment) when determining a planning application. Government planning policies for biodiversity are set out in section 11 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

As part of 1APP (National Application Form), the submission of a biodiversity survey and report is listed in Local Planning Application Requirements - further information on what is included for planning applications can be found in the biodiversity checklist.

Most of the Hampshire Local Planning Authorities (under the umbrella group of HIPOG) have adopted a joint working approach to the local requirements. All local authorities in Hampshire have identified the submission of a biodiversity survey and report as a requirement for certain application types. The checklists can be found on the Hampshire County Council website.

Other supporting documents

Sometimes you might be required to submit a daylight or sunlight assessment to support your proposals, an example is given below:

Daylight, sunlight assessment

Application types (forms/fee information and requirements)

Applications may only be submitted on the new National 1APP paper forms, or online through the Planning Portal.

All applications must comply with the information and document requirements as set out in the national requirements checklist and the local requirements checklist for any given application type.

To select the correct application, refer to the planning application forms and requirements webpage.

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