After undertaking wide ranging research and consultation involving residents and partner organisations, a shared vision for the future of the borough has been developed and agreed. The vision sets out the key priorities and ambitions for the future of the borough and will form a central element of the Local Plan. For further information about the purpose and evolution of the vision please visit the Basingstoke Area Strategic Partnership (BASP). The agreed vision is as follows:

In 2029 Basingstoke and Deane’s people, communities and businesses will be flourishing - enjoying an excellent quality of life and environment which has been improved through well planned growth that draws on our strengths and secures vital improvements.

Regenerating our towns and estates, and enriching the character and vitality of our villages and outstanding countryside will support Basingstoke as a major vibrant centre, leading north Hampshire and fulfilling an influential role in the region.

Prosperous and thriving


  • a regenerated state of the art Basing View, along with easy transport connections attract a range of new business to the town
  • links with higher education stimulate innovative business growth
  • a strong learning culture encourages young people to aim high and achieve more
  • residents can readily improve their skills and play their part in and benefit from the area’s prosperity.

Connected and vibrant


  • we create inviting places and communities where people want to live, feel they belong, and it is easy to meet everyday needs
  • we feel and are safe, active, and healthy, and we look out for the needs of the most vulnerable, so that no one is left isolated
  • people can connect, enjoy their lives, and get involved, creating a strong community spirit
  • new homes meet local needs, and bring improved and new local facilities.

Environmentally responsible and distinctive


  • we live and work in harmony with the natural elements and systems on which we depend, and are
    responding to the challenge of climate change
  • the local built and natural environments are in tune and continue to provide opportunities for the economy
    and people’s enjoyment; they are well managed to provide for the future
  • we enrich the different characters of and links between towns, villages and the countryside, in the way we
    plan, such as the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the River Loddon area
  • we insist on the highest quality design and environmental standards to demonstrate pride in our place.

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