Waste collection

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council provides a weekly waste collection for grey wheeled bins or black sacks for its residents. Find out when your bins will be emptied.

What we ask of you

Bins or sacks should be placed on the edge of your property at the point nearest to the public highway by 7am on your collection day. They should also be left out until 6pm of that day. This could be at the end of your path or driveway or the end of a communal path or driveway. This is where it joins the public highway (the pavement or roadway).

Please make sure you have your property number on your bin, as this helps our crews return it to the correct place after it has been emptied. We can send you bin stickers to write your property number on, just complete our online form and we'll post some stickers out to you.

When your bin has been emptied please take it in as soon as possible and store it on your property.

If your bin has been missed, you can check the status of your collection.

Please do not put soil, rubble, wood, DIY waste or garden waste into your grey bin. These items should be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre. You can dispose of garden waste via our garden waste collection service or hire a skip for soil and rubble.

If your black/grey waste bin contains glass bottles or jars, it will not be emptied. These should be put in your green plastic glass box or red glass bin.

Only one black/grey waste bin will be emptied per household. If your bin needs replacing, a smaller 140L black/grey bin will be issued.

All waste should fit inside your grey waste bin with the lid closed to prevent any spillages. Please make sure household waste is put in black sacks or carrier bags before placing it in your waste bin. With the exception of one collection after Christmas, no additional waste will be collected. Waste sacks left next to, or on top of your bin will not be collected.

There is no limit on how much recycling we can collect from you. Households can have two or more green recycling bins if required

Assisted waste collection

We provide this service if you are elderly or disabled and are unable to put your bin out for collection. If you feel you are eligible for this please either complete the online form www.basingstoke.gov.uk/assisted-bin-collection-service or phone 01256 844844.

Bin charges

New or replacement recycling (green) bins and glass (green) boxes are provided free of charge.

New or replacement 140 litre waste (black/grey) bins will be provided at a cost of:

Black/grey bin (140 litre) £28.15

If you are in receipt of certain qualifying benefits, you may receive a 50% discount. You may also qualify if you are in receipt of the housing element of universal credit, but you will need to supply us with proof either via email or face-to-face.

Additional waste capacity

Households making an effort to reduce their waste and recycle everything they possibly can, may apply for a second grey waste bin. To apply please complete our online additional waste capacity form or call 01256 844844.

Black/grey bin (240 litre) £29.71

Glass bins

Glass bins issued for both new and existing properties will be charged as below:

Red glass bin (140 litre) £28.15

Bins are guaranteed for two years from date of purchase, if damaged within this time it will be replaced free of charge. With normal wear and tear, your bin should last at least seven years.

If your bin

  • has gone into the back of the lorry and this has been verified by the crew it will be replaced free of charge.
  • has been stolen, and you have evidence, you will need to report it to the police and check to see if this is covered by your house contents insurance. As in all cases of theft the responsibility for replacement falls on the owner.

New developments with communal areas

The waste team will agree the size and number of bins with the developer where developments require communal areas. This is in accordance with the guidance set out within the council's Design and Sustainability SPD (Appendix 3).

All containers will be chargeable to the developer in accordance with the council’s current fees and charges:

Black/grey bin 1100 litre (for communal areas and flats) £337.64
Green recycling bin 1100 litre (for communal areas and flats) £337.64
Green glass bin with blue lid and apertures (for communal areas and flats) £47.27

Reporting a missing green recycling/grey waste bin

Sometimes after collection bins may get moved or misplaced further down the street. If you can't find your bin, you can request a replacement, by:

Please also note that waste (black/grey) bins will be replaced with a smaller 140 litre bin. We no longer issue 240 litre bins for households with four residents or less.

This form should not be used for a replacement glass (red) bin as there is a fee for this replacement. Please call our Customer Service Centre on 01256 844844 to order a replacement.

What happens to my rubbish?

After collection, all of the rubbish from Basingstoke and Deane is taken to the Chineham Energy Recovery Facility (ERF). The ERF is capable of processing 90,000 tonnes of waste per year. It recovers heat energy from the waste to produce steam and is used to generate up to 8MWs of electricity. This supplies the National Grid with electricity to power more than 10,000 local homes for the life of the facility.

Find out more information on what happens to your waste.


PDF document Recycling in homes guide (PDF) [3 Mb]

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