Borough bin collections

Options for how residents’ rubbish and recycling could be collected in the future are being considered by the borough council.

The contract for the company to empty the rubbish and recycling bins from homes in the borough is due to end in October 2018. Through a tender, the council is looking at who should provide this service and the most efficient way to do this. Given the size of this contract and the substantial potential savings that may result from the tender process, the council is has included two options in the tender to ensure the best value for residents.

No decision has been made on either of the options. Any decision on changes to the service would only be made once the council has looked at all the evidence and considered views.

The options being considered

The council could either decide to:

  • make no change in the current service, continuing to empty rubbish bins weekly and collect recycling fortnightly
  • change to emptying rubbish one week and collecting recycling the next, so that both bins are emptied fortnightly on alternate weeks.

Exploring the option of changing to alternate weekly collections has been included as it would increase the borough’s recycling rate, reduce carbon emissions and could also save up to £1 million a year.

These options were discussed by councillors at the Community Environment and Partnerships Committee in January 2017

After considering comments from the committee, the council’s Cabinet in March 2017 decided to continue to tender the contract on the basis of the two options. Which of the two options to propose will be considered by Cabinet in September once the implications and customer views have been investigated.

The council’s Cabinet Member for The Environment and Regulatory Services Cllr Hayley Eachus talks about how the council empties bins from almost 73,000 homes across the borough every week, costing millions of pounds a year and now the council is looking to re-let the contract for the company to do this.

Council bin collection contract - Cllr Hayley Eachus

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