You can find out about flood alerts and warnings in the area by using the tool below:

Report flooding on Hampshire’s roads direct to Hampshire County Council or call 0300 555 1388.

If anyone has concerns about any older or vulnerable people in their community during times of adverse weather, they should call Hampshire County Council's Adults Health and Care service on 0300 555 1386.

General flooding information

The council has a Policy Statement on Flood Defence for Basingstoke and Deane (PDF)[49kb] which sets out its assessment of flooding risk within the borough and identifies plans for reducing and managing these risks.

Protecting your property from flooding

It is the responsibility of property owners to take appropriate action to protect their property from flooding.

No drainage system or flood defences can give absolute protection against all flooding events.

Flooding can occur because the drainage system - whether open watercourses or pipes - can be overwhelmed by the amount of water.  When the ground is saturated, even small amounts of rainfall will have difficulty draining away from gardens and enclosed spaces; and this can often lead to flooding, puddling or ponding.

The impact of this on a community and the risks it creates can be significant; so when severe rainfall is anticipated the council works closely with the Environment Agency and Hampshire County Council to reduce the risk of flooding within the borough.

Who is responsible for dealing with flooding?

The following documents provide a summary of the various roles and responsibilities associated with flooding and provide useful contact details for the organisations who, depending on the circumstances, may be able to offer assistance.

PDF document Flooding roles and responsibilities(PDF) [299 kb]

PDF document Flooding useful contact details(PDF) [299 kb]

Does the council offer any assistance?

You are advised to seek your own supply of sandbags or other flood prevention devices. The council does hold a supply of sandbags ready to deploy to those in greatest need in areas where flood warnings have been issued. When requests for assistance are received they are logged and prioritised. If you are in an area that is covered by a flood warning and need assistance you can contact the council on 01256 844844.

Further information about flooding can be found on the Hampshire County Council emergency flooding webpage.

Guides have been published about flood advice containing practical information on what to do before, during and after a flood on the Environment Agency website.

Land drainage

Land drainage deals with natural flows such as rivers and watercourses. Individual landowners are responsible for the drainage of their own land and for accepting and dealing with natural flows from adjoining land. Land owners (often referred to as riparian owners) are also responsible for the maintenance of watercourse that pass through or join their property.

Further information about your rights and responsibilities as a land owner are outlined the Environment Agency website.

The council has various permissive powers to enable it to intervene where ordinary watercourses become obstructed. The Environment Agency has similar permissive powers in respect of main rivers.

If you have a land drainage or flooding issue and require advice please email engineering@basingstoke.gov.uk, phone 01256 844844 or write to:

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Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
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