Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how the council intends to involve the local community in planning issues, setting out:

  • who will be consulted
  • when involvement should take place
  • which methods will be used.

Its purpose is to ensure active and continuous community participation in the planning process, whilst also making sure that the best decisions are made.

The council adopted its Statement of Community Involvement in March 2018 following consultation on a draft in October-December 2017. A copy can be found at the bottom of the page.

The council recently revised its SCI in light of COVID-19 Pandemic and is currently using the revised SCI (September 2020) when undertaking any consultation exercise.

Revisions to the Statement of Community Involvement in light of COVID-19

National Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) has recently been updated in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic and recommends that council’s review their SCI and update it in light of the government’s guidelines for helping prevent the spread of the disease.

As a result the council has made some temporary amendments to the requirements set out in the adopted SCI. These are to protect the health of our communities and staff, while still ensuring that the council can continue to successfully conduct its planning functions in a manner which is underpinned by extensive and effective community engagement.

The council undertook a four week consultation on the proposed temporary revisions to the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) between July and August 2020, the comments received and the council's response to these can be viewed below. Following the consultation, the proposed revisions to the SCI were agreed and adopted at Cabinet in September 2020, these documents can be viewed below, alongside an adoption statement:

The amendments made to the SCI are temporary in nature, to take account of issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications this has for community engagement in light of the government restrictions in place. These are temporary until such time as national social distancing measures are lifted, at which point the council will revert back to the original version of the SCI (March 2018). This will be published, when relevant.

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