Employment Land Review

Economic Needs Assessment 2018

This study has been produced by consultants Peter Brett Associates, and provides detailed analysis of the borough’s economy and employment land needs in line with the latest guidance set out in the Planning Practice Guidance. It is informed by economic projections from two economic forecasting houses, and uses these to update the borough’s employment floorspace needs up until 2029 in light of the latest supply data. The study provides detailed consideration of the borough’s need for storage and distribution floorspace, having regard to policy EP1 in the adopted Local Plan 2011 to 2029.

PDF document ELR Economic Needs Assessment Feb 2018(PDF) [3 Mb]

Employment Land Review 2014 and 2015 update

The Employment Land Review 2014 was produced by the council in order to inform the production of the then submission version of the adopted Local Plan 2011 to 2029.

The council produced an update to the 2014 Employment Land Review (ELR) in 2015. The update formed part of the council’s evidence base to support the Local Plan adopted in May 2016. The goals of the update were:

  • incorporate economic projections for Basingstoke and Deane prepared by Hampshire County Council using the Cambridge Econometrics forecasting model
  • consider the employment land related implications of the council’s revised housing target of 850 per annum
  • consolidate and explain the evidence underpinning the councils job growth target of 450 to 700 per annum, which is proposed for inclusion within the Submission Local Plan
  • update the evidence set out in the 2014 Employment Land Review where more recent data is now available
  • ensure that the council’s evidence base accords with the new national level planning guidance set out in the National Planning Practice Guide

The update demonstrated how the evidence and analysis supported the council’s job growth target, and how this accords with the council’s housing target. The Employment Land Review Update 2015 includes the economic projections produced by Hampshire County Council (please see Annex A for full details).

Previous studies

The following two pieces of evidence were also produced to support the development of the Local Plan in its earlier phases:

The recommendations and findings contained within these documents reflect the economic circumstances at the time they were prepared.

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