Demographic research

Housing needs

The council has undertaken research to inform the number and type of new homes that will be required in the future. In accordance with national policy requirements, this has included a review of demographic trends which takes into account natural change, net migration and changes to household composition.

The borough’s housing needs have also been informed by the requirements of the local economy and the labour market, future affordable housing needs, and whether there is any unmet need in other Local Authority areas. This work is summarised in the Housing Needs Assessment which can be viewed below.

The council published Strategic Housing Market Assessments in 2014 and 2015. These considered the borough’s broader housing needs, including the size and type of dwellings that are likely to be required. They take into account the findings of the Rural Housing Study (2009) which considered housing need in the borough’s rural areas.

Find out further information on the Rural Housing Study

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