Manydown Garden Communities

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Hampshire County Council are the joint owners of a long lease on 2,000 acres of land at Manydown in western Basingstoke.

The vision is to create sustainable new communities of connected neighbourhoods developed in a well-planned and coordinated way, combining the best features from Hampshire villages and towns with a contemporary sustainable design.

For more information visit the website for the councils' Manydown Garden Communities programme.

Manydown development

Artist impression of the new country park in northern Manydown
Artist impression of how the new country park in northern Manydown could look

A thriving new community of up to 3,520 new homes, with 40% affordability, plus community facilities and a 250-acre countryside park is being created on the northern part of Manydown.

The earliest planning stages for the community, which were taken forward by the councils as landowners, set the main principles for the development including its type, size and vehicular access points.

But the detailed layout of the development and the designs of buildings and spaces will follow in future planning documents and detailed applications developed by the pioneering public-private development partnership creating the new community.

Combining the councils’ ambitious vision with master developer Urban&Civic’s extensive experience in creating great places to live and the financial backing of the global charity Wellcome Trust, the partnership is set to realise Manydown as a regionally significant development that will create hundreds of new jobs and help to sustain the growth of Basingstoke and the wider region well into the future.

With master developer Urban&Civic leading on delivery on behalf of the partnership, preparatory works are under way to prepare for infrastructure works this year ahead of homes starting to be built from 2023 onwards.

The partnership will engage with residents, local groups and businesses ahead of submitting the first planning applications for early infrastructure and the layouts and designs for the initial phase of new homes.

Read more about the development and register for updates on the website for the new community at Manydown.

Delivery partnership for the Manydown development

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Hampshire County Council have entered into a long-term partnership with master developer Urban&Civic and global charitable foundation the Wellcome Trust.

Set to deliver the ambitious vision for a sustainable garden community at Manydown in western Basingstoke, the partnership – Manydown Development Vehicle LLP – combines the two councils’ long-term commitment with the expertise of a master developer, backed by a leading global charitable foundation.

Urban&Civic, the nationally renowned master developer with an impressive track record of creating great places to live, supported by global charitable foundation the Wellcome Trust, was chosen through a comprehensive 18 month procurement process by the two councils, as joint leasehold owners of the land.

Following the selection of the successful bidder and further work to set out the working arrangements between the partners, the development contracts formalising the unique joint venture partnership were signed in July 2020.

Urban&Civic, as the UK’s leading master developer, has over 25 years’ experience of turning strategic sites into vibrant new communities. Urban&Civic recognises the importance of delivering quality and placemaking from the outset with early investment in infrastructure and amenities that make a difference, such as community facilities, bicycle lanes, roads, parks and schools. Urban&Civic’s successful developments include the highly-regarded Alconbury Weald, creating 5,000 new homes on a former Cambridgeshire Cold War airfield, and Houlton in Rugby, a new community of 6,200 homes.

The Wellcome Trust is an independent global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health, whose investment portfolio provides the income for its funding.

Next steps for the Manydown land

With steps under way to deliver the new community, the councils are considering how the remaining land to the south – on which they also own a long lease – could be brought forward over the next 30 years to continue to address housing affordability and access to jobs.

Taking a comprehensive approach to planning and coordinating strategic infrastructure and developing sustainable net zero carbon communities, the councils are working alongside The Society of Merchant Venturers as an adjacent landowner as they promote their land for allocation through the Local Plan Update.

See the Manydown Garden Communities website for more information on the promotion of the southern part of the councils’ land at Manydown.

More information on the Local Plan Update

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