Refund request for Council Tax or business rates overpayment

Refund request for council tax or business rates overpayment
  • About your data
    We will ask you for information in order to handle your request and we may use it to contact you. Our privacy policy explains how we handle your personal data.

  • Please note the following:

    • All refunds will be paid by BACS only, there is no facility to issue a cheque.
    • If your account was paid by Direct Debit, your credit will be repaid into this account.
    • If the Council Tax/rates account was in joint/several names we can only issue a refund in a single name if you have permission to apply for this refund from the other account holders. If you confirm this and it is later found that you do not have permission, you will be responsible for any repayment of the credit.
  • Payer details

  • Address on the Council Tax/rates account

  • Applicant details

  • Forwarding address of applicant

  • People/Businesses without a bank account in the UK – Should you not have a UK bank account we are unable to refund any credit.

  • Deceased Persons - If you wish the refund to be issued to another name please provide a copy of the relevant page of the Will, copy of Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, along with the bank details. If this is not provided the refund will not be actioned.

  • Moving within the Borough - Please note: if you have moved within the borough any credit from your previous address will be transferred to be offset against your new liability.

  • Authorisation to pay refund

  • The council will not accept deliberate manipulation or fraud. If any person(s) and/or business is found to have falsified their records, given false or misleading information, or omitted information to gain a refund they may face prosecution and any refund paid will be recovered.

  • To help us avoid abuse of our system, please enter the correct answer to the question below:


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