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Appealing against a benefits decision

Request for a written explanation, reconsideration or appeal against a housing benefit decision
  • About your data
    We will ask you for information in order to handle your enquiry and we may use it to contact you. Our privacy policy explains how we handle your personal data.

  • Claimant's details

  • Person completing form on behalf of claimant

  • Please complete the following:

  • Request for review of decision made for benefits application

  • (This is the date of the housing benefit notification detailing the decision. Please note that appeals should be received within one month of the date of the decision. There is an absolute time limit of 13 months where there is a valid reason for the request being outside of one month.)

  • Please note that where you have indicated that you wish to appeal a decision, we will look at the decision again in the first instance. If we are unable to change the decision, of if you remain unsatisfied with our response, then we will refer your case to the Tribunal service for an appeal hearing.

  • Declaration

  • If you are completing the form on behalf of the customer, you will both need to sign the declaration:

  • Customer

  • Person on behalf of customer


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