Prices for Worting Road Cemetery

New graves

Inclusive of Exclusive Rights of Burial for 75 year term

New grave dug to single depth
New grave dug to double depth
New grave dug to triple depth
New cremation plot with interment of ashes

Re-opening fees

Where Exclusive Right of Burial has already been purchased

Reopen grave to single depth
Reopen grave to double depth
Open grave to triple depth
Reopen for ashes
Second or third placement of ashes in niche

Reclaimed graves

When using for ashes the grave will be full size and would be suitable to bury up to 10 sets of ashes

For single interment including exclusive burial rights
For interment of ashes including exclusive burial rights

Burial into an un-purchased grave

Full body interment
Ashes burial

For a burial taking place into an un-purchased grave no exclusive rights of burial are issued therefore additional unrelated burials may take place in the grave, also no memorialisation will be permitted on such plots.

Pre-purchase of grave plots

Pre-purchase a new full grave
Pre-purchase a new cremation plot
Purchase the exclusive rights over a reclaimed grave

Columbarium Niches for Cremated Remains

The purchase of a niche to place ashes inclusive of the enclosure tablet and exclusive rights of placement over a 75 year term.

Miscellaneous burial fees

Use of chapel, inclusive of organ and CD facility
Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial

Memorial fees

*No charge for infants under 3 years old

The right to erect a headstone, stone cross, book memorial or footplate*
The right to erect kerbs on a traditional section only
The right to erect a memorial over 3ft but under 5ft tall
Added inscription to an existing memorial

Memorial benches

Purchase of a memorial bench and plaque


All fees will be doubled for non residents, other than single interments where the deceased was residing in the borough of Basingstoke and Deane.

A non resident is someone who resides outside Basingstoke and Deane or in the cases of the deceased had lived outside the borough for more than five years prior to their death.

There will be no charge for the excavation of a grave space of the body of a person under the age of 16 years.

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