Current health initiatives

We currently offer the following health initiatives

Steady and strong

Be physically active

Steady and Strong classes are aimed at older adults who may be at risk of falling. The sessions are led by qualified Postural Stability Instructors who use evidence based exercises aimed at improving strength, balance, flexibility and the confidence and ability to carry out normal activities of daily living. Information is also provided on how to get up from the floor and coping techniques such as crawling and rolling while on the floor.

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Please contact Claire Leaney if you would like further information on 01256 845481 or

Good for mums - Buggyfit classes

The council are working with Helen Hill from Good for mums to deliver a number of subsided Buggyfit classes. Buggyfit is the original and largest buggy workout network in the UK.

You'll meet like-minded mums who could soon become new friends and support during this phase of your life. Not to mention the gorgeous little ones who will grow, learn and play together maybe for years to come.

Sessions are offered for women with babies and children and tailored to enable you to exercise safely without having to leave the little one at home. Using a combination of cardio, strength and toning exercises, Buggyfit classes are varied, fun and are specifically designed to strengthen and tone muscles the weakened during pregnancy. Classes are focused on restoring your core first before progressing you to more intensive or loaded exercises.

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New Age Kurling

Promoting opportunities for physical activity, New Age Kurling is an activity for all ages and abilities and can be played competitively or just for fun.

It is based on the winter version of the game curling, which is played on ice, but New Age Kurling can be played on any smooth surface, making it ideal for community halls or school floors. The game allows able bodied and disabled, young and old alike to compete on an even level. The tactical game is played using stones on weighted ball bearings and two teams take it in turns to slide the stones down towards a target.

The kit is easy to transport and set up and includes pushers and ramps to help those with a disability. It's a fun and easy game. We have a Kurling kit available for loan free of charge to community groups.

Further information and contacts

To discuss current health initiatives, please contact:

Claire Leaney, Senior Health and Wellbeing Officer - Health
Telephone - 01256 845481

Amy Sambell, Health and Wellbeing Officer
Telephone - 01256 845752

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