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Empty homes review

You may have recently received a review letter about your empty home for Council Tax purposes, asking you to confirm if your property still remains unoccupied. We are required to review Council Tax discounts as sometimes, due to an oversight, people do not update us when there is a change in occupancy. Also, some discount claims may be fraudulent and therefore must be reviewed.

The questions below give further information on entitlement and how the form should be completed. Please read through the information then select the button below to complete the review.

Complete review form

What is the purpose of the review and why do I need to respond?

The purpose of the review is to make sure that our records are accurate and updated where there is a change in circumstances. We have an obligation to make sure that discounts are awarded to those who are entitled and that we remove those which are not valid.

What happens if I haven't completed the form within the 14 day deadline?

As long as the form is completed within a reasonable amount of time you will not be penalised. If the form is late, you may end up receiving a reminder letter or email. If you do receive a reminder letter, please complete the form as soon as possible to avoid your discount being withdrawn.

What should I do if my circumstances are not covered in the examples above?

If your circumstances are not covered, please complete the form indicating no change to your entitlement and use the free text box at the end of the form to explain your circumstances. We will then contact you separately if we require any further information to assess your eligibility.

Do I still need to complete the review if I am paying a full charge on my empty property?

It is necessary to complete the review regardless of the charge you pay. If a property remains empty after two years it will attract a premium charge, therefore it is vital our records are accurate.

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