Environmental renewal schemes

The council has allocated approximately £3 million to carry our environmental renewal schemes over the last ten years. A further £130,000 has now been allocated for 2014/15. Over the ten year period, a number of schemes have been completed across the borough, including:

  • Central Buckskin
  • South Ham extension
  • Osborne and Millard Closes, Oakridge
  • Northern part of Norn Hill
  • Jersey and Guernsey Close, Popley
  • Packenham Road and Pittard Road, Brookvale and Kings Furlong
  • Quilter Road, Brighton Hill
  • Hangar Road, Tadley
  • Sycamore Way and Kenilworth, Winklebury
  • Abbey Road, Popley
  • Alliston Way and Penine Way, South Ham

In 2014/2015, works were undertaken in Normanton Road, Oakridge and the Cordale Road/Culver Road areas in Brookvale and Kings Furlong.

For 2015/2016, the criteria used to prioritise this programme is being reviewed, although it is expected that any future schemes will still focus on land owned by the council.

Types of schemes that can be considered:

  • Enhancing neglected areas by replacing fencing, benches, bins and tidying up overgrown plant beds.
  • Improving the layout of footpaths and removing inappropriate steps.
  • Removing isolated grass and planted areas.
  • Reducing nuisance issues such as ball games.
  • Upgrading of open space and youth facilities.
  • Providing community maintained gardens.
  • Providing new link paths and infill lighting.

Other similar types of scheme that are deemed a priority by the residents in a particular neighbourhood can also be considered.

For further information contact communityservices@basingstoke.gov.uk or phone 01256 844844.


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