Environmental renewal schemes

The council has allocated approximately £3.5 million to carry our environmental renewal schemes over the last 14 years. A further £321,000 has now been allocated for 2019/20 to 2022/23. Since starting the programme in 2005, a number of schemes have been completed across the borough, including:

• Central Buckskin
• South Ham extension
• Osborne and Millard Closes, Oakridge
• Northern part of Norn Hill
• Jersey and Guernsey Close, Popley
• Packenham Road and Pittard Road, Brookvale and Kings Furlong
• Quilter Road, Brighton Hill
• Hangar Road, Tadley
• Sycamore Way and Kenilworth, Winklebury
• Abbey Road, Popley
• Alliston Way and Penine Way, South Ham
• Normanton Road and Mullins Close, Oakridge
• Cordale and Culver Road, Brookvale and Kings Furlong

During 2019/20 to 2022/23, works are scheduled to be undertaken in Popley Islands West, Popley East; Western Way, South Ham; Cambrian Way, Buckskin; Norn Hill North, Norden; and Paddock Road, South Ham.

Types of schemes that can be considered are:
• Enhancement of neglected areas by replacing fencing, benches, bins and tidying up overgrown plant beds.
• Improvements to the layout of footpaths and removal of inappropriate features.
• Removal of isolated grass and planted areas.
• Reduction of nuisance issues such as ball games.
• Upgrading of open space and youth facilities.
• Provision new link paths where there are desire lines.
• Landscape improvements to deter fly tipping.

Other similar types of scheme that are deemed a priority by the residents in a particular neighbourhood can also be considered.
For further information contact landscape@basingstoke.gov.uk or phone 01256 844844.

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