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Event application
  • Holding an event requires detailed pre-planning. We require a minimum of 12 weeks’ notice to ensure that all essential plans and permissions are in place.

    Before submitting your application make sure you have read:

    If you have any questions please email

    This application will take about 15 minutes to complete and cannot be saved part way through. If we ask for supporting documentation, you can email this to us after you have submitted this form.

  • About your data
    We will ask you for information in order to handle your enquiry and we may use it to contact you. Our privacy policy explains how we handle your personal data

  • Section 1 - Event organiser details

  • Address for correspondence

  • Address for billing (if different)

  • Section 3 - Location of event

  • Section 2 - Event timings

  • Should your preferred date not be available, please provide two alternate dates for your event (this only applies to events held on council land)

  • Section 4 - Description of the event

  • Yes
    Commercial event
    Not for profit event
    Registered charity event*
    Will any income raised go to the charity concerned?
  • Please Note: If you plan to raise money for charity at your event you may need to apply for a street collection permit. If you are raising money on behalf of a registered charity, proof of donation and partnership with associated charity is required.

  • Section 5 - Activities at the event

  • Yes
    Indoor (for example parish hall or community centre)
    Outdoor with defined boundaries
    Outdoor - widespread or street
  • Yes
    All seated
    Mixed (at least 50% seated)
    All standing or active
  • Yes
    All ages, not in family groups
    Mainly adults
    Mainly young people/adults (16-30 years)
    Mainly elderly
  • Section 6 - Licensed premises and activities

  • Please Note: You must ensure that you check with the licence holder that all activities at your event are covered by the existing premises licence if not you may need to make an application to the Licensing Team

  • Yes
    Plays or films
    Indoor sporting event
    Live/recorded music
    Performance of dance
    Sale of alcohol
    Provision of late night refreshment (hot food/drink between 11pm-5am)
    Street trading stalls
    Charitable collections
    Gambling (e.g. casino, betting, bingo, poker, lottery)
    Adult Entertainment (e.g. lap-dancing, nudity)
  • You'll be required to provide a copy of your premises licence after you have submitted your application.

  • Section 7 - Noise management

  • You'll be required to provide a copy of your noise management plan (if required) after you have submitted your application.

  • Section 8 - Catering

  • Section 9 - Waste management

  • Organisers have a statutory duty to ensure adequate arrangements are provided to collect and dispose of any waste arising from their event and this must not rely on any normally provided waste management services. Litter bins are not to be used for waste arising from the event.

    If applicable you will be required to provide a copy of your waste carriers licence, waste transfer notes and evidence of commercial contract after submitting your application.

  • Section 10 - Water supply

  • Section 11 - Medical Provision

  • Section 12 - Fire safety

  • Yes
    Fire warning
    Means of escape
    Fire marshalls
    Firefighting equipment
    Access for fire vehicles
    Assembly points
    Fire risk assessment
    Is your event within 150m of hard standing ground capable of supporting a fire vehicle (12.5 tonnes)
  • Firework displays, bonfires, pyrotechnics and lasers

  • You'll be required to provide a map of the layout of the fireworks and bonfire after submitting your application.

  • Please Note: Hampshire Fire and Rescue will also need to be informed of the fireworks display, you can contact them at

  • Please note for bookings on council land: The council prefers clean energy such as solar powered electricity as part of its desire for events in the borough to be carbon neutral by 2025. The council understands that currently this may not be possible due to cost and manufacturing and therefore permits the use of red diesel generators at events. Petrol generators are not allowed.

  • Section 13 - Severe weather arrangements

  • Section 14 - Traffic management and highway impact

  • This will require permission, please contact Hampshire County Council -

  • Please Note: If any public highway needs to be closed you will need to consult with We will advise you on how to proceed with this consultation.

    You'll be required to supply a Traffic Management Plan for events that impact the highway after you have submitted this application.

  • Bus companies must be consulted with details of your closure and diversion routes. You will need to provide evidence of consultation with bus operators and provide a clear, concise plan of the alternative arrangements agreed with them.

  • To help us avoid abuse of our system, please enter the correct answer to the question below.


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