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Fireworks - how to reduce the impact on animals and vulnerable people

Fireworks are enjoyed year-round by lots of people, but many animals and some people are frightened by them. If you want to enjoy fireworks, you can make them less frightening in the following ways:

  • Go to an organised event, this will reduce the overall number of fireworks causing a disturbance.
  • Only let fireworks off on or around traditional celebration dates such as Diwali, Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve or Chinese New Year. Most animal owners and people will already know to expect fireworks on these dates and should have prepared accordingly to help themselves and/or their animals cope.
  • Look for low noise fireworks, and let your neighbours know well in advance so people can prepare, both for themselves and animals if necessary.
  • Never set off fireworks near livestock, as frightened animals, especially horses as they can injure themselves.
  • Remember, fireworks can also disturb wildlife so steer clear of known habitats like lakes with waterfowl and trees with roosting birds.
  • Check bonfires for wildlife before lighting as animals like hedgehogs may be hibernating.
  • Pick up any firework litter after it has cooled down and dispose of it safely, as it can harm animals.

Visit the RSPCA’s webpage for more information on how to make fireworks celebrations less frightening for your pet. You can also talk to your vet who will, if necessary, be able to refer you to a professional clinical animal behaviourist.

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