Hardship relief

Hardship relief is a 100% discretionary, using the powers given to local authorities under the Local Government Finance Act 1988 Section 49.

Hardship relief is intended to assist a business for one year to recover from a temporary crisis, financial or otherwise, as the result of exceptional unforeseen circumstances. Circumstances such as increased competition or running costs would not be considered as exceptional unforeseen circumstances as these a normal business risks. Circumstances which would be covered by a commercial insurance policy would also not be considered.

The business should be of benefit to the residents of Basingstoke and Deane. If there are any membership requirements, membership should be open to all sections of the community. For example, the business may be a large employer within the borough or may provide services for residents and if the business was to close, there would be a loss to the community which would be difficult to replace.

If the business has previously received hardship relief from the council, or another 100% discretionary discount on another property, it is not likely to be granted.

New businesses may also be unlikely to receive hardship relief as it is expected that all running costs would be factored into their business plans, and that the business rates charge for the year would have been taken into account into these costs.

If you would like to apply for hardship relief contact us:

Apply for hardship relief

You will need to:

  • provide two years audited accounts
  • supply a recovery business plan showing how the money being saved by not paying business rates for a year will bring the businesses back into being profitable.

All applications are looked at on a case by case basis.

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