Additional parking projects

The council receive many requests for additional parking provision from residents of the towns and villages across the borough’s 245 square miles.

Although the council does not have a statutory responsibility to provide parking solutions in residential roads and is not the highway authority, it does recognise the impact that parking problems can have on people’s quality of life. Consequently, the council initiated a programme of additional parking construction works. A review of the programme in 2014 involved parking surveys at over 400 roads. Priority for treatment is given to those residential roads that suffer the worst parking difficulties.

The information on this page is about building new residential parking areas. If you are looking for information regarding residential parking permits, please view our webpages on resident and visitor parking permits.

Current projects

The council has allocated additional funding to enable further residential parking projects to be undertaken. Since 2014, roads have been investigated and, where appropriate and feasible, solutions implemented at approximately 50 streets shown shaded on the spreadsheet.

Excel document 2022 Parking in Residential Areas Prioritised List - September 2022(XLSX) [36 kb]

Completed projects and approximate number of parking spaces provided

Anglesey Close, Popley 4
Bodmin Close, Buckskin
Bow Drive area, Sherfield on Loddon 28
Brahms Road, Brighton Hill 28
Britten Road (89-91), Brighton Hill 6
Burnham Road/Crescent, Tadley 14
Burns Close, Popley 8
Charles Street, South Ham 10
Cornish Close, South Ham 2
Daniel Road, Whitchurch 7
Deanswood Road, Tadley 8
Dibley Close, Buckskin 5
Dryden Close, Popley 7
Exmoor Close, Buckskin 7
Falkland Road, Popley 37
Gainsborough Road, Grove 48
Gershwin Road (110-160), Brighton Hill 3
Goddards Firs, Oakley 5
Harlech Close, Winklebury 8
Holbein Close, Grove 25
Holst Close, Brighton Hill 22
Kenilworth Road (37-67), Winklebury 3
Kenilworth Road (295-345), Winklebury 5
Kings Road, South Ham 17
Kipling Walk, South Ham 6
Laburnum Way, Winklebury 8
Landseer Close, Grove 5
Lawrence Close, Popley 14
Lehar Close, Brighton Hill 5
Lower Brook Street / George Street (rear), Brookvale & Kings Furlong 12
Ludlow Close, Winklebury 5
Malvern Close, Buckskin 2
Margaret Road, South Ham 28
McFauld Way, Whitchurch 5
Mozart Close (east spur), Brighton Hill 15
Munnings Close, Grove 6
Oakfields Close, Burghclere 15
Paddock Road/Woburn Gardens, South Ham 33
Paulet Place, Old Basing 10
Penrith Road, Eastrop/Brookvale and Kings Furlong 2
Pershore Road (110-128), Popley 5
Pittard Road, Brookvale & Kings Furlong 8
Porter Road, Brighton Hill 39
Prescelly Close, Buckskin 12
Princes Crescent area, South Ham 22
Quantock Close, Buckskin 12
Quilter Road (52-102), Brighton Hill 8
Quilter Road (104-154), Brighton Hill 5
Quilter Road (156-206), Brighton Hill 6
Renoir Close, Grove 34
Rubens Close, Grove 6
Schubert Road, Brighton Hill 35
Sprents Lane, Overton 4
St Patricks Road, South Ham 4
St Peters Road, South Ham 10
Stephens Road/Giles Road, Tadley 50
Stukeley Road area, Brookvale & Kings Furlong 24
Sunny Mead, Oakley 12
Tasmania Close (west spur), Popley 17
Wagner Close, Brighton Hill 14
Wessex Close, Brookvale and Kings Furlong 6
Winchcombe Road area, Brookvale & Kings Furlong 25

Projects investigated where there was no feasible solution

The following locations were investigated and found to have no justifiable or practical solution available:

  • Alexandra Road, Brookvale and Kings Furlong
  • Barry Way, Brighton Hill
  • Blackdown Close, Buckskin
  • Bliss Close, Brighton Hill
  • Bolton Crescent, South Ham
  • Butler Close, Buckskin
  • Carmichael Way, Brighton Hill
  • Cleveland Close (main road and cul-de-sac), Buckskin
  • Culver Road (54-79), Brookvale and Kings Furlong
  • Culver Road (80-106), Brookvale and Kings Furlong
  • Galloway Close, South Ham
  • Halliday Close, Grove
  • Harwood Rise, Woolton Hill
  • Hereford Road, Winklebury
  • Kenilworth Road (68 to 102), Winklebury
  • Kenilworth Road (235 to 253), Winklebury
  • Kenilworth Road (295 to 345), Winklebury
  • Lancaster Road, Norden
  • Mansfield Road, South Ham
  • Mann Close, Whitchurch
  • Mount Pleasant (Cul-de-sac), Tadley
  • Pembroke Road, Winklebury
  • Rampton Road, Whitchurch
  • Sandpiper Way, Kempshott
  • Stanfield, Tadley
  • Stanford Road, Brighton Hill
  • Teal Crescent, Kempshott
  • Westfield Road, Grove

Further information

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