Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Call for sites consultation

To inform the annual update of the SHLAA the council held a formal six week ‘call for sites’ consultation for developers, landowners or other interested parties to let us know about sites that could be suitable for residential, employment or other development. This consultation has now closed.

Please contact the planning policy team directly if you wish to submit a site for assessment through the SHELAA using the contact details below:

Email: or Telephone: 01256 844844

What is the SHLAA?

The primary purpose of the SHLAA which local planning authorities are required to have is to:

  • identify sites with the potential for housing
  • assess how many homes they could provide
  • assess when they could be developed.

The assessment is an important evidence source to inform decision making on future housing development, but does not determine whether a site will be allocated for housing development. It includes a high level strategic overview assessment of the deliverability/developability of each identified site, in terms of its suitability, availability and achievability.

Current position

A 2016 position statement has been published (December 2016) to support the land supply position and updates information to a base date of 1 April 2016. The statement updates the last complete version of the SHLAA (Version 10, August 2015). Both documents can be downloaded below.

Find out information on the history of the borough's SHLAA.

The maps associated with Version 10 of the SHLAA can also be downloaded below. Due to file sizes, some of the appendices have been separated into smaller documents to assist with downloading. Where there is no updated map specifically for version 10 then please refer to the Version 9 map.

Contact details

Local Plan team


Telephone: 01256 844844


2016 Position Statement

PDF document SHLAA 2016 Position Statement (PDF, 4 Mb)

Version 10 - Report

PDF document SHLAA Report and Appendix 1 (PDF, 777 kb)

PDF document SHLAA Appendix 2 (PDF)

PDF document SHLAA Appendix 3 (PDF)

PDF document SHLAA Appendix 4 (PDF)

Updated settlement maps for version 10

PDF document Basingstoke BF SHLAA sites with broad locations (PDF, 6 Mb)

PDF document Basingstoke Inset Map 1 (PDF, 3 Mb)

PDF document Dummer SHLAA sites (PDF)

PDF document Highclere SHLAA sites (PDF, 642 kb)

PDF document Preston Candover SHLAA sites (PDF, 194 kb)

PDF document Sherfield On Loddon SHLAA sites (PDF, 3 Mb)

PDF document St Mary Bourne SHLAA sites (PDF, 2 Mb)

Settlement maps for version 9

PDF document Ashford Hill SHLAA Map (PDF, 136 kb)

PDF document Basingstoke BF SHLAA sites (PDF)

PDF document Basingstoke GF Sites SHLAA Map (PDF, 4 Mb)

PDF document Basingstoke Inset Map 1 (PDF, 3 Mb)

PDF document Bramley BF SHLAA Map.pdf (PDF, 786 kb)

PDF document Bramley GF 1 SHLAA Map.pdf (PDF, 473 kb)

PDF document Bramley GF 2 SHLAA Map.pdf (PDF, 640 kb)

PDF document Brown Candover SHLAA Map (PDF, 35 kb)

PDF document Burghclere SHLAA Map (PDF, 127 kb)

PDF document Charter Alley SHLAA Map (PDF, 752 kb)

PDF document Chilton Candover SHLAA Map (PDF, 49 kb)

PDF document Cliddesden SHLAA Map (PDF)

PDF document Dummer SHLAA Map (PDF)

PDF document Headley SHLAA Map (PDF, 489 kb)

PDF document Highclere SHLAA Map (PDF)

PDF document Kingsclere SHLAA Map (PDF, 744 kb)

PDF document Kingsclere 2 SHLAA Map (PDF, 2 Mb)

PDF document Monk Sherborne SHLAA Map (PDF, 545 kb)

PDF document Newnham SHLAA Map (PDF, 90 kb)

PDF document North Waltham SHLAA Map (PDF)

PDF document Oakley SHLAA Map 1 (PDF, 2 Mb)

PDF document Oakley SHLAA Map 2 (PDF, 2 Mb)

PDF document Old Basing SHLAA Map (PDF, 2 Mb)

PDF document Overton 2014 SHLAA Map (PDF)

PDF document Pamber End SHLAA Map (PDF, 76 kb)

PDF document Ramsdell SHLAA Map (PDF, 287 kb)

PDF document Sherborne St John SHLAA Map (PDF, 266 kb)

PDF document Sherfield On Loddon SHLAA (PDF)

PDF document Tadley BF SHLAA Map - reduced (PDF, 2 Mb)

PDF document Tadley GF Sites SHLAA Map (PDF, 6 Mb)

PDF document Tadley SHLAA Map 1 (PDF, 696 kb)

PDF document Tadley SHLAA Map 2 (PDF, 350 kb)

PDF document Upton Grey SHLAA Map (PDF, 497 kb)

PDF document Whitchurch SHLAA Map (PDF, 2 Mb)

PDF document Woolton Hill SHLAA Map (PDF, 867 kb)

PDF document Wootton St Lawrence SHLAA Map (PDF, 84 kb)

Word document BDBC Site Submission Form (DOCX, 52 kb)


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