Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding is about protecting vulnerable people from harm. Regardless of their age, gender, disability, race or any other characteristic and promoting the prevention of impairment. It covers everything an organisation can do to keep vulnerable people safe, including minimising the risk of harm and accidents.

We recognise our responsibilities to safeguard young and vulnerable people in the borough and work in partnership with a range of organisations to achieve this.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

Our Policy and Procedure for the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults covers employees, councillors, volunteers and contractors. It enables them to have a better understanding of their role and what they can do if they have concerns.

Please note: this policy is for Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council staff only - if you are a member of the public with a safeguarding concern, please use the contacts below to raise your concern.

PDF document Policy and Procedure for the Safeguarding of Children and Adults - March 2022(PDF) [782 kb]

What to do if you are concerned about a child or vulnerable adult

If someone tells you that they or someone else is being abused, or if you suspect that someone has been/is being abused or drawn into extremism or terrorism, this needs to be reported as a matter of urgency.

If you think a child or vulnerable adult is in immediate danger, you must call 999 for the Police. If you think a crime has taken place, you can call the Police on 101.

To report your concerns about a child or young person go to the Hampshire County Council Childrens Services webpage.

To report your concerns about a vulnerable adult go to the Hampshire County Council Adult Services webpage.

Modern slavery

Modern slavery is a safeguarding issue. It is very complex and can take many forms including:

  • child trafficking
  • forced labour
  • sexual exploitation
  • criminal exploitation
  • domestic servitude.

The council has committed to detecting and eradicating modern slavery in the borough and has adopted a Modern Slavery Transparency Statement (PDF)[543kb].

See below for information on modern slavery and the work of the Modern Slavery Partnership for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and other useful links:


Working in partnership with the police, county council and community organisations, we aim to stop individuals becoming or supporting terrorists. This is done by building stronger, safer communities who feel empowered to reject extremism and terrorism in all its forms. This work is called Prevent and is part of the national counter terrorism strategy.

What is Prevent?

Prevent is the name given to a national strategy which aims to stop people from becoming violent extremists or supporting terrorism.

Channel is the process that supports people at risk of being drawn towards terrorism or violent extremism.

All forms of extremism

Prevent aims to deal with all forms of extremism including Far Right racist extremism, animal rights extremism and religious extremism.

By raising your concerns and making a referral, you can help someone who you believe is at risk of radicalisation get support, and can prevent them becoming involved in potentially violent activities, long before any criminal activity occurs.

Signs of possible radicalisation

  • Notable changes in behaviour/mood
  • May begin to express extreme political or radical views
  • Appear increasingly sympathetic to terrorist acts
  • Appearance may change
  • Friends may change and may spend excess time on their own or on the internet

Making a referral

You can speak to your supervisor or Prevent lead about any concerns, or contact one of the numbers below or in an emergency call the police on 999.

Isle of Wight
Children 0845 6710271 Children 01983 814545 Children 02380 833336 Children 0300 5551384
Adults 02392 688613 Adults 01983 814980 Adults 02380 833303 Adults 0300 5551386

Further information or to report any concerns

Visit the Home Office website
Visit the Prevent Board website
Anti- terrorism hotline - 0800 789321
Crimestoppers 0800 555111
Hampshire County Council Prevent page
Hampshire Police website

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