Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR)

Your business may qualify for SBRR if:

  • the business only occupies one property
  • the property has a rateable value of up to £15,000

Level of discount that could be received

Rateable value (RV) Minimum SBRR Maximum SBRR Sliding scale
Up to £12,000 100% 100% N/A
£12,001 to £15,000 0% 100% 100% - 1% for every £30 above £12,000
Up to £51,000 - - Calculated with SBRR multiplier

Vacant properties do NOT qualify for Small Business Rate Relief

Apply for Small Business Rate Relief

There is no need to apply for the Small Business Rate Multiplier, this is automatically awarded for properties with a Rateable Value of less than £51,000.

Businesses that occupy more than one property

Your business may still qualify for SBRR, even if more than one property is occupied, providing that:

  • the additional properties have a Rateable Value of less than £2,900 each
  • the total combined Rateable Value of all occupied properties is less than £20,000
  • SBRR will be applied to the Main Property (Property with the higher Rateable Value) only.
  • from 1 April 2014 if a second property is taken on, when your business is already in receipt of Small Business Rate Relief, and the Rateable Value of the second property has a Rateable Value of £2,900 or more you can now retain SBRR on the original property for a period of 12 months.


2012/148 came into force with effect from 1 April 2012 and effectively abolished the need for applications for SBRR and limitations on date. So for periods prior to 1 April 2012, the cut-off for applications has passed. For periods since 1 April 2012 the limitation on backdating is s.9 Limitation Act 1980 which provides for six years.

SBRR will only be backdated 6 years from the 1 April in the current year.

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