Structure of the council

The Council

A formal meeting of all councillors is called 'Council'.

The Council makes important decisions, including approving a number of key plans and strategies and setting the council's budget and council tax. It is responsible for the budget and policy as well as service areas that are not the responsibility of the Cabinet (the body responsible for day-to-day decisions).

Council meetings are usually open to the public, except if confidential matters are being discussed. The meetings are an opportunity for members of the public and other councillors to ask questions about the council and local matters.

The Council elects the Leader of the Council for a four year term. The Leader of the Council chairs the Cabinet and appoints other councillors as Cabinet members.

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Every year a long serving councillor is appointed Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane. The Mayor's term of office in one year and the Mayor changes in May.

The Mayor is responsible, in a non-political way, for furthering the interests of the borough when an appropriate occasion arises and representing the council at events. The current Mayor is Cllr Paul Miller.

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The Cabinet

The Cabinet (also known as the Executive) is the council's main, day-to-day decision-making body and normally meets once a month. Cabinet meetings are usually open to the public, except if personal or confidential matters are being discussed.

The Leader of the Council is responsible for appointing other councillors to the Cabinet. Each Cabinet member is responsible for a particular area of council business - known as their portfolio.

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Senior management and council officers

The Strategic Leadership team carry out the day-to-day management of the council and its services. The Senior Management Team is lead by the Chief Executive.

The council employs officers to give advice, implement its decisions and to manage the delivery of council services to the local community.

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