Tendering for business

Who can submit a tender?

For all contracts, regardless of value, a contractor must be selected who, if requested:

  • can confirm a business contact address and telephone number
  • has an acceptable level of public liability insurance (and where appropriate, other necessary insurances)
  • is registered for tax and holds a valid certificate (where appropriate)
  • is able to provide two independent referees from whom reference may be sought for contracts completed within the last three years
  • can show compliance with the relevant industry standards.

The tender process

If you are interested in tendering for a contract you need to express your interest. Depending on the contract, we may send a 'Supplier Questionnaire (SQ), which we will use to decide who to invite to tender.

If you are successful in being invited to tender, we will forward the following documents to you:

  • An Invitation to Tender (ITT) – showing when, where and how the tender should be submitted
  • Contract conditions – defining the terms of business between the council and supplier
  • Specification – setting out the council’s requirements and any technical requirements
  • Schedule of rates or Pricing Schedule – for entering prices
  • Form of Tender - where you make your formal tender offer
  • Collusion Certificate

To avoid disqualification, it is important that you follow all instructions about what you need to include and how to return the tender.

Further help and advice

For further information explaining the rules we have to abide by, our procedures, and letting you know how you can compete for our business please refer to our Tender Resource Pack

General information and a guide to tendering for public sector contracts can be found on the GOV.UK Website.

You can also get business support and advice over the phone – details of contacts can be found on the GOV.UK website.

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