Transport Strategy

Transport affects everyone. It influences where we live, work, shop, enjoy leisure activities and where our children are educated. It also has a major impact on the environment. The council, in partnership with Hampshire County Council (HCC), the Highway and Passenger Transport Authority has developed polices and proposals for:

  • Public transport
  • Roads and traffic
  • Road safety
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Car parking
  • Freight movement
  • Planning and environment
  • Travel planning
  • Public involvement and travel awareness
  • Climate change

Basingstoke Environmental Strategy for Transport

In 1999, in partnership with HCC and key stakeholders in the local community, we prepared the Basingstoke Environmental Strategy for Transport (BEST), which can be downloaded below.

The document provides a framework to address the future transport needs of Basingstoke and the surrounding area in a sustainable way, taking a long-term view up to 25 years ahead. This document has been supplemented and updated through the HCC Transport Plan LTP3 2011-31 including a North Hampshire Transport Strategy (NHTS). Together, these documents explain how transport and access will be improved to match today's demand for movement around the borough.

New housing and commercial development in the borough will impose additional demands on the highway and public transport networks. New developments will be required to make a contribution towards improvements. The current policy for establishing the levels of such highway (BEST or NHTS highway contributions) is the HCC Transport Contributions Policy, which was adopted in September 2007. Available for download below

For further information relating to planning obligations and contributions to transport improvements associated with building developments in the borough, visit the Section 106 Planning obligations webpages.

Strategic Approach to Parking

Ease of access to Basingstoke is key to supporting the vitality and economic viability of the borough. Of all modes of transport, car trips are the highest. The borough council has a responsibility to review car parking in Basingstoke and create plans for the amount, type and location of parking, which will support the growth of the borough and changing patterns of demand.

The Strategic Approach to Parking was adopted by the council on 9 October 2008 as the basis for developing future policies and making decisions with respect to parking and related matters. These documents can be downloaded below.

Strategic Approach to Parking - Basingstoke Town Centre - Key Principles

Action 4 of the Strategic Approach to Parking was to undertake a review of levels of parking provision within Basingstoke Town Centre in order to support the council’s ‘Vision for Central Basingstoke’. This review was carried out in 2010 and the following key principles were adopted by the council on 17 November 2010 in relation to car parking in the town centre:

  • The overall quantity of car parking in and around Basingstoke Town Centre is broadly maintained.
  • The overall balance of short stay and long stay provision is broadly maintained.
  • The opportunities that Festival Place provides in terms of week day capacity are recognised.
  • Options are explored for dealing with future demand for evening and weekend parking through the use of Section 106 agreements in new developments in close proximity to the town centre.
  • Permit provision within the existing car parks is reviewed with a view to maximising opportunities for relocation for example through better use of on-street provision.

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