View and comment on a planning application

View or make a comment on an application

You can:

  • view current and historic planning applications by using a keyword, reference number, postcode or single line of an address
  • personal information such as telephone numbers and email addresses will be removed but name and addresses will be visible as we are unable to accept anonymous comments
  • register so that you can track applications, save searches and get email notifications
  • view statutory consultees comments received on applications registered after 1 December 2015
  • view public comments received on applications received and registered from 2017 onwards
  • view any appeals made against decisions made on planning applications and enforcement cases
  • view details of enforcement notices served

PDF document Public access system user guide(PDF) [3 Mb]

Please note you cannot access the public access system application records outside of the EU for cyber security reasons.

Before publishing applications and supporting documents on our website, we take reasonable steps to remove personal telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures. Documents published before 1 August 2008 may not have been edited. Please contact us if you require your details to be removed. We are unable to accept anonymous comments.

Guidance on making a comment

If you make comments on a planning application, they should relate to material planning considerations only, such as:

  • local planning policies
  • the effect on the street or area
  • design appearance and materials
  • traffic generation and safety
  • noise and disturbance
  • government advice
  • size, layout and density of buildings
  • adequacy of parking
  • overlooking and loss of privacy
  • ground contamination

Non-planning related issues are not covered by planning law and cannot be taken into account.

These include:

  • structural stability and fire precautions
  • party wall disputes
  • loss of property value
  • disturbance from construction works
  • competition between businesses
  • land and boundary disputes
  • property maintenance issues
  • matters covered by leases or covenants
  • the identity or personal characteristics of the applicant

Any comments you make will be made available online through the council website. You should only include information that you are happy for the public to see. Representations containing discriminatory or defamatory comments will not be published.

Anonymous comments can not be taken into consideration by the case officer. We will redact email addresses, telephone numbers and signatures but names and addresses will be visible.

What happens when you comment on an application?

We will acknowledge your comments within five working days of receiving them and confirm that we will consider them as part of the decision making process. The timescales for the determination of a planning application can vary as the actual time taken is dependent on the complexity of the application and the material issues raised on a case by case basis.

We will tell you about our decision when it is made and provide reasons for that decision.

If the person who is making the application appeals against our decision to the Planning Inspectorate, your comments on the application, which are already publicly available, will also be forwarded for their consideration. Find out more information on planning appeals.

Publicity for planning applications

If you are affected by a development proposal, you will have a chance to consider what is proposed, and how it will affect you. You also have the opportunity to make your views known to us before we make a decision on the application.

To help you, we will:

  • advertise applications for
    • listed buildings
    • developments in conservation areas
    • major developments
    • developments that are subject to an environmental statement
    • developments that would affect a footpath or
    • developments that would be considered to be a departure from the Development Plan in the local press
  • write to owner/occupiers who have buildings on land adjoining the application site boundary
  • make the application, plans and particulars available on the public register and available on the website for people to view
  • take account of all relevant representations we receive
  • give reasons for our decision to those who write to us about the proposal

Read the document publicity for planning applications for further information.

What if the application is amended before/after a decision is made?

Sometimes the person applying may amend the application while we are considering it. When the amendment is significant we notify neighbours and those that have commented on the application and/or advertise the amendment.

Certain minor amendments can be considered after the granting of planning permission.

Further details can be found on our Find out more information about our application process.

About our Public Access System

The online public access system provides information on submitted planning applications and decisions made, with the earliest application being from 1978.

For all planning applications since 1 January 2008 the following documents are available to view online:

  • applications including forms, plans and supporting documents
  • officer reports
  • decision notices
  • Section 106 agreements and scoping documents (if applicable)
  • appeal submissions and decisions (if applicable)

Please note more recent applications and associated documents may be quite large and may take some time to load.

  • Guide to the planning process - an introduction to the planning system, what planning is for and why it is important. It is intended for both householders and businesses and explains why planning controls are necessary and how decisions are made.
  • Planning appeals - if you disagree with our decision or the application isn't decided within the eight week period, you can appeal.
  • Study - helps people to teach or learn about land use planning at all levels and in all types of education.

Contact us if you would like information about the public access system in a different format for example:

  • large print
  • audio tape
  • in an alternative document type

Contact details

If you have a planning enquiry, send a message to the Planning Development Team

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