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Planning Guidance for the Natural Environment

Landscape and Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The council adopted a new Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 13 December 2018.

The SPD explains how landscape, biodiversity and tree considerations should be integrated into the development process to ensure that the Local Plan’s requirements are met and best practice is achieved. In particular, it supports the implementation of Local Plan policies EM1 (Landscape), EM3 (Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area), EM4 (Biodiversity, Geodiversity and Nature Conservation), and EM5 (Green Infrastructure).

A copy of the Landscape and Biodiversity SPD can be downloaded below

PDF document Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees SPD(PDF) [7 Mb]

PDF document Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees SPD - Adoption Statement(PDF) [186 kb]

PDF document Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees SPD - Consultation Statement (Part 1)(PDF)

PDF document Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees SPD - Consultation Statement (Part 2)(PDF)

PDF document Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees SPD - SEA Screening(PDF) [737 kb]

Biodiversity Net Gain - Interim Guidance for Development

The Government’s Environment Bill will introduce a mandatory requirement for all developments that are over 0.1 ha to demonstrate a minimum 10% net gain for biodiversity. The council does not yet have a firm date for when net gain will become mandatory nationally, however, ahead of this statutory legislation, the council have prepared a guidance note to inform development proposals and decisions over the short-term. The interim guidance note sets out the council’s objectives for achieving measurable net gains for biodiversity and what information should be submitted to support applications to demonstrate measurable net gains have been achieved.

PDF document Biodiversity Interim Guidance Note(PDF) [3 Mb]

Countryside Design Summary (CDS)

The council's Countryside Design Summary explains the design relationship between the borough’s landscape, settlement patterns and buildings. It provides design criteria against which any future development can be assessed and aims to ensure that careful consideration is given to the way in which new development will relate to its surroundings. The CDS now forms part of the council’s Design and Sustainability SPD (Appendix 14).

You can download a copy of the Countryside Design Summary below.

PDF document Countryside Design Summary(PDF) [3 Mb]

Landscape Character Assessment

Government guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework makes it clear that valued landscapes should be protected and enhanced, and the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside should be recognised.

The 2021 Landscape Character Assessment identifies and explains the unique combination of elements and features that make landscapes distinctive by mapping and describing character types and areas. Twenty landscape character areas have been identified, reflecting similarities in underlying geology, land cover, appearance and historic development. The assessment also shows how the landscape is perceived, experienced and valued by people.

This Landscape Character Assessment will be used as evidence to help guide and assist in spatial planning and development management decisions within the borough, to ensure that the distinctive character of the Borough is retained, and change is accommodated in a positive way.

The Basingstoke and Deane Landscape Character Assessment can be downloaded below.

PDF document Landscape Character Assessment(PDF) [14 Mb]

Landscape Sensitivity Study

A Landscape Sensitivity Study of sites promoted through the Strategic Housing, Economic and Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) has been produced by consultants. The approach to this study follows guidance provided by Natural England, which takes into account best practice and the latest Landscape Institute guidance. The methodology used determines landscape sensitivity as a combination of landscape and visual susceptibility, and value. Sites assessed to have lesser landscape sensitive could best accommodate development or change, with the least undesirable visual or landscape impacts.

This assessment is being used, alongside other evidence base studies, to inform the technical assessment of sites being considered for development through the Local Plan Update process.

PDF document Landscape Sites Sensitivity Study - April 2021(PDF) [18 Mb]

PDF document Landscape Sites Sensitivity Study - Summary Plan(PDF) [8 Mb]

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