Landscape studies

Landscape Capacity Study 2010 - site options

In March 2010, a detailed Landscape Capacity Study of the borough was commissioned, examining sites immediately surrounding Basingstoke, Tadley, Bramley, Overton and Whitchurch. The study generally follows the same approach taken in the 2008 study; however it considers each site in more detail whilst giving a capacity scoring from low to high.

This work formed part of the Local Plan evidence base and was considered alongside the other studies and assessments to help determine the most suitable location for future development in the borough. The report is available to view below.

Landscape Capacity Study 2008

A Landscape Capacity Study (LCS) was produced by the council in 2008 to help inform decisions about the further extent and direction of development within the borough.

Landscape Capacity is defined as 'the extent to which a particular area or type of landscape is able to accommodate change without significant effects on character or overall change in landscape type'. The study was undertaken using current best practice advice. It was carried out by borough council officers using data compiled primarily by field surveys. This was supported by aerial photography, Ordnance Survey maps and planning guidance. The final part of the process included verification of the results by an independent landscape consultant.

Landscape Assessment 2001

The Landscape Assessment Main Report was adopted by the Council in July 2001. It was carried out in accordance with the Countryside Agency's national guidance on landscape assessment, which gives more emphasis to the protection of landscape character and the features that make one landscape different from another, rather than better or worse. A fully integrated approach to landscape assessment was undertaken, drawing together historic, ecological and landscape elements into the characterisation process.

View the Landscape Assessment 2001.

The Landscape Assessment provides the basis for responses to development proposals affecting the landscape of the borough. It also provided the basis for the preparation of the Countryside Design Summary, which can be viewed below and acted as a starting point for Village Design Statements.

Countryside Design Summary

The Basingstoke and Deane Countryside Design Summary explains the design relationship between the borough’s landscape, settlement patterns and buildings. It provides design criteria against which any future development can be assessed and aims to ensure that careful consideration is given to the way in which new development will relate to its surroundings. The CDS now forms part of the council’s Design and Sustainability SPD (Appendix 14).

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