The Local List

Buildings of local architectural or historic interest

The borough council first adopted the Local List of Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest on 27 March 2007.

A paper copy of the Local List can be viewed at the Civic Offices in Basingstoke (Monday to Thursday - 8.30am to 5pm, Friday - 8.30am to 4.30pm). Copies of individual entries can be obtained from the Historic Environment Team by emailing or by phoning 01256 844844.

Why produce a local list?

The quality of the historic environment is not just about listed buildings or conservation areas, although these do contribute significantly to the unique character of our area, it is also about the large number of unlisted historic buildings.

The Local List is intended to recognise these buildings so that they can be properly considered when development proposals are submitted to the borough council.

What does it means?

  • Inclusion on the Local List does not change the existing planning controls that already apply to a building.
  • The Local List supports efforts to preserve the character and appearance of the buildings that are included on it.
  • It enables the architectural or historic interest of these buildings to be properly considered against development proposals submitted to the borough council.
  • It provides clarity for owners, the local community, developers and planning officers, so that they are aware of the interest of a building as early as possible.
  • Unless a building is listed or within a conservation area, there is no control, under current legislation, over its demolition.
  • The Local List backs up our existing planning policies and guidance, adding weight to the consideration already given to the preservation of these buildings’ architectural and historic interest by development proposals affecting them.

Buildings are included on the Local List if they meet the criteria set out in the council's adopted Supplementary Planning Document, Heritage Supplementary Planning Document.

To find out what local listing means, and how it may affect you, please read our leaflet on Locally Listed Buildings.

PDF document Locally listed buildings(PDF) [174 kb]


Most nominations are submitted by parish or town councils or in some cases by local heritage groups. If there is a building you could like to nominate, you can contact:

However, if your parish or town council is not taking part, then we would be happy to receive nominations from individuals or other local groups. So that we can inform you of the progress of your nomination please provide us with your contact details.

Nominations must be submitted using the nomination form below. Supplementary information can be submitted if relevant, but nominations without a form will not be accepted. For guidance on assessment criteria and eligibility, please read the guidance entitled Heritage Supplementary Planning Document.

The minimum information required for a nomination to be considered is:

  • a completed nomination form (including an accurate address)
  • a good quality, representative current photograph
  • contact details of the person or organisation submitting the nomination.

Nominations submitted without this information may be rejected without assessment.

Word document Nomination form(DOCX) [48 kb]

PDF document Nomination form(PDF) [215 kb]

Word document Owner consultation form(DOCX) [44 kb]

PDF document Owner consultation form(PDF) [103 kb]


All owners of buildings being considered for Local Listing are consulted as part of the assessment process.

Owners can often provide valuable information which can influence the decision about whether to add the building to the Local List or not. We therefore welcome this input, and will consider all representations made in relation to each individual building.

We can't consider issues that do not relate to the architectural or historic interest of the building, such as development potential, personal preference or privacy.

Specific guidance to each building, such as consultation deadlines and the reasons for the building's consideration or nomination for Local Listing can be found in the documentation sent to affected owners.

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