Rateable Value and The Rating List

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) control and maintain the non-domestic rating list. From 1 April 2017 a new process for making appeals and obtaining a more detailed breakdown of a properties valuation was introduced, ‘Check, Challenge and Appeal’. A basic valuation can be found at Find a business rates valuation - GOV.UK.

Appeals can be made regarding the rateable value of a premises, its appearance in the rating list (eg. It is used for agricultural purposes), major refurbishment works, it has been demolished, converted to domestic, a change of use, the premises has been reconfigured and any other reason that would affect the rateable value.

Please be aware that business rates must be paid as per the current valuation while your appeal is being dealt with. The council are regularly updated by the VOA with a list of premises with outstanding appeals, however we do not know the reason for these appeals and are not involved in the process.

If an appeal is successful a report will be issued to us, as the billing authority, with any changes that need to be made and refunds organised is necessary.

Find more information about the Valuation Office Agency - GOV.UK
Find more information about the step by step Check, Challenge and Appeal your business rates process - GOV.UK

Appeals regarding Council decisions

In the first instance contact the Business Rates team, your case might just require more information, clarification, or evidence,

If you are still not satisfied after contacting the Business Rates team, please use the council’s complaint process.

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