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We are experiencing some issues with our phone system which means that we cannot make or receive calls. We are working to resolve these issues, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Accessibility at the polling station

The voting process should be accessible to all voters. We offer a range of support for voters with disabilities to enable them to vote independently or with assistance.

Some of the ways we do this is:

  • polling stations are wheelchair accessible and ramps are provided where needed
  • adapted level polling booth for wheelchair users
  • large print versions of ballot papers to view
  • tactile voting device, to enable blind voters to mark their ballot papers independently
  • polling station staff are given training based on guidance from the Royal National Institute for the Blind on how to assist partially sighted or registered blind voters
  • a Makaton guide on how to vote. Makaton is a communication tool using words and symbols, to enable people with disabilities or learning disabilities to communicate. Polling station staff can provide this guide to individuals who require it.
  • friendly and helpful polling station staff who will make reasonable adjustments where possible

Voters will need to provide photographic ID when voting in a polling station. Find out more information about Voters ID.

If you do not want to vote at a polling station, you can vote by post or by proxy. Visit our Postal and Proxy voting page to apply or contact us on 01256 845467.

Support in the polling station

If you are a voter with a disability or require additional support to complete a ballot paper on your own, you can take a friend or relative to the polling station to help you. Our polling station staff will also be available able to help you.

What other people can do:

  • assist you moving around the polling station
  • read out the candidates’ names and parties on the ballot paper in order
  • explain the voting options to you
  • use their knowledge of your communication methods to understand who you want to vote for
  • come into the polling booth with you
  • mark the ballot paper with your decision, if you permit them to do so

What other people can’t do:

  • decide for you on who to vote for
  • mark the ballot paper against your wishes
  • stop you from voting because you have a disability or require additional support

Additional support required

Please let the polling station staff know if you require any additional support to be able to exercise your right to vote.

For example, if you require:

  • someone to read out the candidates on the ballot paper
  • to be shown a large print ballot paper
  • to use the Tactile Voting Device
  • the Makaton guide
  • to be able to lip read
  • someone to help mark the ballot paper with your decision – either someone who has accompanied you or the polling station staff
  • to be assisted in moving around the polling station

Report an accessibility issue

If you see an accessibility issue at a polling station, please report this to Electoral Services at or call 01256 845467.

Guides for voters with a learning disability

This webpage will be updated with easy read guide for voters with learning difficulties in 2023.

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