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We licence the following activities and services involving animals:

  • boarding catteries and kennels
  • pet shops selling animals, including private sellers
  • dog breeders who meet the business test
  • home boarding for dogs, including day care in a home environment
  • day care for dogs
  • hiring out horses (including riding establishments)
  • keepers of dangerous wild animals
  • zoos
  • keeping of training of animals for exhibition

We inspect these premises to ensure that they comply with national standards relating to:

  • structure
  • animal welfare
  • safety
  • security
  • infectious disease control
  • the suitability of the licence holder.

The aim is to ensure:

  • minimum standards of welfare for animals
  • prevention of a spread of disease
  • the safety of the public visiting these premises.

Visits are also undertaken following complaints where necessary.

Our advice to anyone using these premises is to always:

  • check they are licensed by us and ask to see the current licence
  • inspect the premises prior to leaving your pet, buying an animal, or taking a riding lesson
  • ensure that riding schools have current public liability insurance.


There may be times where you experience service that does not meet your expectations. This is best dealt with directly with the service provider, verbally or in writing. Advice on how to do this is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau. If this does not resolve the issue and/or you experience standards or conduct that may be a breach of licence conditions, please complete the Licensing Complaint Form. We will need the fullest details you can supply so we can investigate. We will also need your details to respond and/or ask further questions.

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