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Apply for building regulations approval

You must notify us before any work is carried out. Check to see if you need building regulations approval.

How to make a building regulations application

There are two ways in which an application can be made:

Full plans

A full plans application gives you assurance that, providing the work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans, the regulations will be satisfied. This type of application must always be used for commercial work.

You will need to submit two sets of detailed drawings for domestic works with a full plan application form for approval under Building Regulations.

Complete a Full Plans Submission form.

We will then approve or reject your application within five weeks of receipt (or two months if agreed with you).

Inspection charges are invoiced when work on site starts.

Building notice

This type of application is only for smaller projects. A building notice cannot be used for most commercial buildings.

This form can be used to apply for the following kinds of proposed work:

  • erection of up to 4 new houses, with a maximum floor area of 300m² each
  • erection or extension of a detached garage, floor area up to 60m²
  • extension of a dwelling, total floor area up to 100m²
  • alterations to or creation of a basement, floor area up to 100m²
  • domestic underpinning, up to £25,000 in value
  • internal alterations, up to £300,000 in value
  • replacement of glazed windows or doors
  • garage conversion
  • renovation of a thermal element
  • rooms in the roof space
  • work relating to electrical installation

If your proposal is not listed above, please contact the Building Control team directly.

You will need to complete a building notice form (less detailed than full plans procedure) at least two days before work starts. A site plan needs to be deposited with this application. The plans are not passed but the work is inspected on site for compliance with the regulations.

Complete a building notice form

As this application does not require plans at the submission stage; no written notice of approval is issued prior to work starting. The emphasis is placed on site control. The disadvantage of using this type of application is that you or your builder will not have approved drawings or specification to work from.

This option does not give you the same degree of protection as a full plans approval, and should only be used where you or your builder is aware of the relevant regulations.

All fees and charges are subject to VAT and can be found in the charges section of this page.

If work has already started or been completed

If you’ve already started work or completed your project without submitting a full plans application or a building notice, you can apply for retrospective approval by completing a regularisation application form. You may be asked to expose critical areas of construction and provide calculations in order for the Building Control Team to ascertain compliance with building regulations. You could also be asked to make alterations before we can issue a regularisation certificate.

The fee for this type of application is not subject to VAT.

Complete a regularisation application form

Fees and charges

The current schedule of charges for Building Regulation Applications can be found in the document below. If your proposed scheme is for multiple works or, is outside the schedule of charges or, you need help calculating the correct charge, please contact the building control team by emailing or by phone on 01256 844844.

PDF document Building Control fees from 1 April 2023(PDF) [237 kb]

PDF document Our fees explained(PDF) [114 kb]

Disabled persons exemption

Applications for work to existing buildings to provide means of access to enter or exit the building including ramp access, installation of a lift, widening openings or accommodation or facilities designed to secure the greater health, safety, welfare or convenience of a disabled person would qualify for exemption from payment of application fee charges.

Complete the relevant online form and provide information on the exemption required.

Completion Certificate

Once the work has been completed, a member of the Building Control Team will make a final visit to the site and if they are satisfied that the work has been completed in line with the approved plans, a Completion Certificate will be issued. You should receive your completion certificate within two weeks of completion of the building work.

A Completion Certificate is a very important document and must be kept. If you sell your property, you will be asked to provide a copy of the certificate before the sale can proceed. The Completion Certificate confirms that the changes or alterations to the property comply with legal guidelines and have been subject to Building Regulations inspections.

Inspection of work

Once the work starts, you or your builder must notify us at various agreed stages, so that the work can be inspected to ensure compliance with the regulations.

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Building control team

If you have an enquiry about building control, send a message to the Building Control Team.

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