Council Tax Energy Rebate

The government has announced a package of support known as the Energy Bills Rebate to help households with rising energy bills. This includes:

  • A £150 non-repayable rebate for households in England in council tax bands A to D, known as the Council Tax Rebate.
  • £144 million of discretionary funding for billing authorities to support households who are in need but are not eligible for the Council Tax Rebate, known as the Discretionary Fund.

Please note the Energy Rebate is closed for bands A to D, only residents in bands E to H can apply.

Who's eligible?

The council tax rebate – Council Tax Bands A to D

Applications for this closed on the 31 August 2022 and can no longer be applied for.

What if my household isn't eligible?

The Discretionary Fund

The government recognises that billing authorities may also wish to provide support to other energy bill payers who are not eligible under the terms of the core scheme. Councils can determine locally how best to make use of this funding to provide payments to other households who are energy bill payers but not covered by the Council Tax Rebate. This could include households living in properties valued in bands E to H that are on income related benefits.

The council has been allocated £0.27M of funding for this discretionary scheme. The allocation of the funding is limited when the allocated fund has been fully used, we will be unable to consider further applications.

To be eligible for this grant the following criteria has to be met:

  • The property is valued in council tax bands E to H as per the valuation list on 1 April 2022. It is a chargeable dwelling and the council taxpayer has the following discounts or exemptions:
    • Exemption classes N, S, U or W
    • Care leaver discount
    • Council tax support
    • Disabled Relief (band F to H only)
    • Disregarded as student/apprentices and severely mentally impaired
  • The council taxpayer (must be named on the account) and can confirm one of the following for their household:
    • the council taxpayer (must be named on the account) must be over the age of 60 and over 1 April 2022 and proof must be provided with the application
    • in hardship (for example high level of arrears or unable to cover the costs of their bills)
    • a long-term illness and cannot work
    • are on a state benefit
    • exceptional circumstances which lead to high energy usage (e.g. for medical reasons)
    • sponsoring a Ukrainian family under the government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme
  • It is someone’s sole or main residence.
  • The person who is liable to pay the council tax (or would be were the property not exempt) is not a local authority, a corporate body or other body such as a housing association, the government or governmental body. If there is more than one named person on the council tax account, we need to ensure only one application is received as there can only be one £150.00 rebate per property.
  • The property has a permanent resident and is not someone’s second home.
  • The property is occupied. (An unoccupied property for the purposes of calculating council tax will not be eligible)

All applications for this scheme must be received by the 30 October 2022. Due to the limited allocation of funding for this scheme. All applications are paid on a first come first serve basis, and therefore the application process may close earlier if the funding has been utilised.

How will my household get its £150

The application process is live for the discretionary scheme only. The link to the form can be found at the bottom of this page. Payment may take 4-6 weeks from application.

The £150 rebate is paid on the assumption that the council tax band is correct, and the person paid is a liable council taxpayer (or would have been if the property were not exempt) and that the property met the criteria on 1 April 2022. If this is not the case, the grant may be liable for recovery. The grant is being provided to support all residents of the household. All rebate recipients by making an application or accepting the £150 rebate agree that they fit the criteria of the rebate and are the liable person for council tax. If there is more than one named person on the council tax account, please make sure we only receive one application as there can only one £150 rebate per property.

What does it mean that my bank details failed spotlight checks?

For more information on spotlight the Government grants management function please go to

Please note if you have been informed that the information you have provided on your application for energy rebate has failed the spotlight checks this could be for various reasons. It does not mean the council is accusing you of fraud. It could be because your bank account cannot be checked through spotlight or that a small part of the details does not match.

The reason the checks are done is to make sure we reduce the risk of fraud and that we are paying the correct person the energy rebate payment. If you have received information stating your details failed spotlight, please email your bank statement showing name/address/sort code and account number, the bank statement must be in the same name as the person who made the application.

Email address for additional proof

Additional Information

If your bank account is overdrawn and you are concerned the payment will be used against this, you can speak to your bank about your ‘first right of appropriation’. This gives you the right to tell your bank how you want the money paid into your account to be used. Further advice and a sample letter can be found at National Debtline.

If you have any queries regarding the Energy Rebate please email

Make an application - for discretionary rebate Bands E to H

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