House naming

The Local Authority are the only people who can amend your address, except for Royal Mail regarding the postcode. There may be private companies that claim to be able to process the request for you, but it is likely to be more cost effective and efficient to contact the Local Authority directly rather than going through a third-party organisation.

It should be noted that if you wish to name a property which has already been allocated a postal number, that the postal number must remain part of the official property address and cannot be dropped in favour of using the house name alone.

There will be a fee of £28.14 for applications to add a name to a property that only has an allocated postal number.

Apply to name a house

Changing a property name, where no property number has been allocated

There is no fee if you wish to change the existing name of your property, where the name is the only identifier of the property.

Please contact us by emailing and providing the following details:

  1. Full address of the property
  2. The suggested first and second choice names
  3. Contact details including your email address


For any other enquiries on street naming and numbering or property addresses please contact us by emailing

Please provide the following:

  • Your contact details including email and phone number
  • Details of the property / development

and where appropriate:

  • Planning approval number
  • Developer / Landlord details
  • Suggested road names
  • Property name suggestions

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