Repaying an overpayment

Invoice for overpaid housing benefit

If you have received an invoice for overpaid housing benefit and are unable to pay it in full straight away you must make an arrangement to pay us. You can start this process by contacting us to discuss a repayment plan.

Contact us

You may be asked to complete an income and expenditure form to assist with calculating what you should pay. Complete an income and expenditure form

Once a repayment plan has been agreed full details will be confirmed in writing. It is important to maintain payments to avoid further recovery action. Find out how to pay.

In some circumstances a temporary repayment arrangement may be agreed and would be reviewed after a set period of time. This may be necessary if we know your circumstances are due to change or the amount outstanding will take a significant time to repay. You will be advised if this applies to you.

If there is no payment plan

You are advised to contact us to agree a repayment plan as soon as you receive your invoice to avoid further recovery action. If you do not agree a repayment plan or fail to make an agreed payment, the amount you have to pay back each month may be decided for you.

Further recovery action we may take if you do not agree a repayment plan includes:

  • we could request that your employer deduct payment from your salary. To find out how much could be taken please take a look at the recovery schedule (PDF)[37kb] (opens in new window)
  • we could request that the Department for Work and Pensions deduct payment from your benefit entitlement
  • your debt could be passed to an external debt collection agent for collection who will visit you at home to secure payment
  • finally we could obtain a County Court Judgement which will add extra costs to the existing debt. It will also make it difficult to obtain credit as it will affect your credit rating

Minimum level of recovery

Each individual’s circumstances are different but we do try to suggest a minimum level of recovery as a starting point. The ability to pay and size of debt is also taken into consideration.

You will be asked to complete an income and expenditure form to determine an appropriate repayment amount. This may be higher or lower than the suggested minimum level either temporarily or until the amount is paid in full, depending on your circumstances.

Ways that you can repay overpaid housing benefit

There are several methods available to make a payment:

By Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the most convenient payment method and can be set up by phoning the Revenues team on 01256 844844 (select option2) with your bank details. You can also download and printout a Direct Debit mandate (PDF)[524KB] (opens in new window) and send it to us in the post. Direct Debits are collected on the second day of each month.

Online by debit or credit card

Paying online is a quick and easy method to make a repayment. Go to our Pay for it webpage and select Housing Benefit Overpayments. You will need your invoice number which is an eight digit number beginning with 7.

By phone with a debit or credit card

Call the automated payment line on 01256 845757 which is open 24/7. Make sure you have your invoice number, an eight digit number beginning with 7, and your payment card details with you when you call.

By standing order/bank transfer

Set up your standing order to pay into:

Bank: HSBC Bank plc

Sort code: 40:09:18

Account: 51521691

Payee: Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Make sure you quote your invoice number as the payment reference. This is the eight digit number beginning with a 7 on your invoice.

By post

Send a cheque or postal order to the council’s address as shown on your invoice. Make it payable to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and write your name, address and invoice number on the back. This is the eight digit number beginning with a 7.

Please note that if you are not paying an invoice in full you need to discuss a repayment plan with us to avoid further recovery action.

If you're unable to make a scheduled payment please complete the overpayment repayment online form below.

Overpayment repayment enquiry form

Your invoice reference number

This is the eight digit number which always starts with a 7 and appears on your overpaid housing benefit invoice. If you are contacting us, please make sure you use this reference. It enables us to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible and ensures that any payments are allocated correctly.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties

Please seek independent financial advice. Further information to assist you can be found by visiting our having trouble paying bills webpage.

Contact details

Revenues Team

If you have an enquiry about council tax, send a message to the Revenues Team.

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