Private hire vehicle register

Plate numberProprietorOther proprietorsIssued dateExpiry dateWheelchair accessible
P1Oakview Cars Ltd11 September 202322 September 2024Unknown
P2Oakview Cars Ltd11 September 202322 September 2024Unknown
P3Mr Adrian NoadA & P Private Hire Ltd
Mr Phillip Kent
12 October 202229 October 2023Unknown
P4Mr Adrian Noad11 August 202313 August 2024Unknown
P5Mr Adrian Peter NoadMr Adrian Peter Noad
Mr Philip Michael Kent
Mr Philip Michael Kent
23 September 202230 September 2023Unknown
P7Mr Louis Dispinseri23 March 202331 March 2024Unknown
P8Mr Matthew Abrahams30 November 202222 November 2023Unknown
P9MR Mohamed Bhoye Bah21 February 202321 February 2024Unknown
P11Oakview Cars Ltd11 September 202306 October 2024Unknown
P12Mr Raminderbir Singh15 December 202225 January 2024Unknown
P13Mr Louis Dispinseri25 September 202326 September 2024Unknown
P14Mr Dinesh GurungMrs Marieta Aquino25 August 202312 September 2024Unknown
P15Oakview Cars Ltd11 September 202306 October 2024Unknown
P16Harun Hussian16 December 202220 December 2023Unknown
P17Mr Paul O'Meara20 February 202319 February 2024Unknown
P18Hasan Battaloglu13 October 202218 October 2023Unknown
EP19Christopher Bowie16 November 202216 November 2023Unknown
P19Mr Govinda Gurung02 December 202209 December 2023Unknown
EP20Mr Ian Mowbray-Williams27 April 202327 April 2024Unknown
P20Oakview Cars Ltd14 October 202219 October 2023Unknown
P21Mr Jerzy Nikadon14 March 202327 March 2024Unknown
P22Oakview Cars Ltd21 October 202221 November 2023Unknown
P23Oakview Cars LTD05 June 202307 June 2024No
P24Oakview Cars LTD05 June 202307 June 2024Unknown
P26Mr Umar HussainMr Umar Hussain05 January 202317 January 2024Unknown
P27Mr John Power21 March 202302 April 2024Unknown
P28Gary Squires24 January 202326 January 2024Unknown
P29Oakview Cars Ltd15 November 202217 November 2023Unknown
P30Oakview Cars Ltd11 September 202322 September 2024Unknown
P31Mr Kreepa Raj Gurung19 May 202302 June 2024Unknown
P32Mr Hasan Huseyin Demirtas08 September 202311 September 2024Unknown
P33Mr Prakash Gurung15 November 202216 November 2023Unknown
P34Mr Rabi Gurung01 June 202302 June 2024Unknown
P35Oakview Cars LTD11 September 202329 September 2024Unknown
P37Oakview Cars Ltd07 October 202212 October 2023Unknown
P38Mr Muhammad Jamal19 June 202301 July 2024Unknown
P39Mr Sertac Ozyurt06 July 202302 September 2024Unknown
P40Oakview Cars Ltd11 September 202322 September 2024Unknown
P41Oakview Cars Ltd15 November 202217 November 2023Unknown
P42Oakview Cars Ltd07 October 202212 October 2023Unknown
P43Oakview Cars LTD07 June 202309 June 2024Unknown
P44Mrs Tracey Abbas08 March 202316 March 2024Unknown
P45Mr Johny Joseph04 January 202314 January 2024Unknown
P46Mr John Ewane09 March 202319 March 2024Unknown
P48Oakview Cars LTD11 September 202329 September 2024Unknown
P49Mr David Fox12 January 202321 January 2024Unknown
P50Mr Hem Raj Rai18 October 202227 October 2023Unknown
P51Nighat Hussain11 January 202315 January 2024Unknown
P53Ozgur Yagmur28 February 202305 March 2024Unknown
P54Mr Florin Chirita11 July 202313 July 2024Unknown
P55Mr Derek CraigMs Sara Roberts26 September 202208 October 2023Unknown
P56Mr Bailor Shaw16 March 202319 March 2024Unknown
P57Oakview Cars LTD06 March 202309 March 2024Unknown
P59Mr Ranbir Singh19 June 202311 June 2024Unknown
P60Xclusive Cars Basingstoke Ltd11 August 202313 August 2024Unknown
P61Mr Ismail Ongur14 April 202318 April 2024Unknown
P62Mr Naresh Jung Ghothane Gurung15 June 202319 June 2024Unknown
P63Mr Genus Oke17 July 202306 August 2024Unknown
P64Mr Yumer Bekir24 April 202327 April 2024Unknown
P65Mr Raman Singh08 September 202328 September 2024Unknown
P66Mr Bhupinder Singh18 January 202312 February 2024Unknown
P67Mr William Sharif04 November 202229 November 2023Unknown
P68Mesut Dogdu11 May 202314 May 2024Unknown
P70Mrs Jacky Ayres01 November 202209 November 2023Unknown
P71Adrian Mocanu17 May 202321 May 2024Unknown
P72Mr Shiva Sapkota03 March 202302 April 2024Unknown
P73Oakview Cars LTD19 June 202321 June 2024Unknown
P74Mr Marian Sandu11 August 202320 September 2024Unknown
P75Oakview Cars LTD19 June 202321 June 2024Unknown
P76Mr Marcel LazarNicusor Marian Lazar19 May 202323 May 2024Unknown
P77Antonela-Cristina Manoloche19 May 202323 May 2024Unknown
P78Mr Andrew Mulley05 January 202321 January 2024Unknown
P79Mr Akhtar Ali25 May 202328 May 2024Unknown
P80Oakview Cars LTD30 May 202301 June 2024Unknown
P81Oakview Cars LTD19 June 202321 June 2024Unknown
P82Mr Raja Khalil Afzal30 May 202308 June 2024Unknown
P83Oakview Cars LTD30 May 202301 June 2024Unknown
P84Stephen Michael Hubbard27 June 202329 June 2024Unknown
P85Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202320 July 2024Unknown
P86Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202320 July 2024Unknown
P87Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202320 July 2024Unknown
P88Mr Bob Huelin15 March 202318 March 2024Unknown
P89Mr Maninder Singh19 October 202229 October 2023Unknown
P90Mrs Abby Stacey12 January 202313 January 2024Unknown
P91Mr Robert Ellingham14 April 202321 April 2024Unknown
P92Mr Duncan Berry07 July 202311 July 2024Unknown
P93Mr Andrew Robert Woodhouse28 June 202302 July 2024Unknown
P94Hirok Ashrafuzzaman19 July 202323 July 2024Unknown
P95Mr Santok Gurung08 September 202328 September 2024Unknown
P97Oakview Cars Ltd15 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P98Oakview Cars12 October 202221 October 2023Unknown
P99John Jos Power25 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P100Mr Abdul Zafaree21 March 202326 March 2024Unknown
P101Oakview Cars Ltd15 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P102Oakview Cars Ltd15 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P104Oakview Cars Ltd15 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P105Mr Fotik Miah18 January 202309 February 2024Unknown
P110Mr Mukti Miah11 January 202318 January 2024Unknown
P111Mr Tomasz Kapusta10 November 202202 December 2023Unknown
P112Xclusive Cars Basingstoke LTD14 April 202313 April 2024Unknown
P113Oakview Cars Ltd22 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P115Oakview Cars Ltd22 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P120Mr Graham Abbott06 October 202208 October 2023Unknown
P121Mr Keith Ayres05 June 202315 June 2024Unknown
P122Mrs Paula-Marie Battaloglu06 September 202323 September 2024Unknown
P125Mr Erwin Ryszka05 June 202326 June 2024Unknown
P127MD Mahfuzul Khan04 January 202321 January 2024Unknown
P128Mr Alexandru Olteanu24 August 202328 August 2024Unknown
P129Mr Kulam Rasool03 March 202311 March 2024Unknown
P139Mr Andrew Mulley06 June 202321 June 2024Unknown
E143Mr Andrew Mulley03 August 202326 June 2024Unknown
P144Lincoln Batchelor24 August 202315 August 2024Unknown
P145Mr Alfa Jellow10 November 202220 November 2023Unknown
P148Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika Joshi15 December 202208 January 2024Yes
P152Mr Abdoulai Barry10 May 202311 May 2024Unknown
P155Oakview Cars Ltd22 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P156Mr Jaspal Jaspal28 February 202317 March 2024Unknown
P165Oakview Cars Ltd30 January 202317 February 2024Unknown
P167Mr Zeeshan Bukhsh06 March 202309 March 2024Unknown
P170Mr Yousuf Ali Khan24 August 202315 March 2024Unknown
P175Mr Sean Lee Jones16 December 202206 December 2023Unknown
P176Mr Muhammed Salih Bah15 November 202230 November 2023Unknown
P178Ms Nazia Mubarik28 November 202208 December 2023Unknown
P181Mr Batikan Mutlu01 September 202304 September 2024Unknown
P182Mr Nematullah Baqizad12 January 202326 January 2024Unknown
P187Mr John Gifford14 October 202228 October 2023Unknown
P189Mr Keith Ayres06 September 202321 September 2024Unknown
P191Mr Ramin Atai08 September 202323 September 2024Unknown
P194Mr Hassan Fettin22 September 202302 October 2024Unknown
P197Oakview Cars Ltd31 May 202310 June 2024Unknown
P220Horia Silviu Petrei21 December 202222 December 2023Unknown
P222Mr Gary Squires02 October 202207 October 2023Unknown
P223Mr Keith Ayres25 September 202326 September 2024Unknown
P228Mr Jaskaran Sangha05 June 202329 June 2024Unknown
P229Mrs Susannah AyresMr Carl Ayres09 May 202319 May 2024Unknown
EP231Mr Keith Whitlock04 January 202314 January 2024Unknown
P234Mr Awais Ishaque07 March 202304 April 2024Unknown
P236Mr Paul Cenci03 March 202323 March 2024Unknown
P237Mr Geo James03 March 202315 March 2024Unknown
P238Reginald Bhujel12 September 202313 September 2024Unknown
P239Mr Chilufya Bwalya02 October 202211 October 2023Unknown
P242Mr Harold Franzmann21 March 202307 April 2024Unknown
EP246Mr Ian Mowbray-Williams24 February 202312 March 2024Unknown
P247Mr Steven Dyke22 September 202218 October 2023Unknown
P255Oakview Cars LTD06 December 202221 December 2023Unknown
P265Mr Johannes Suping25 May 202309 June 2024Unknown
P267Mr Suhel Ahmed15 June 202304 July 2024Unknown
E269Mr Kevin Davies27 September 202305 October 2024Unknown
P278Mr Sami Caskurlu09 May 202319 May 2025Unknown
P289Mr Mohamed Bentaleb01 February 202319 February 2024Unknown
E298Mr Christopher Yarnton28 June 202330 June 2024Unknown
P300Mr Adrian NoadMr Philip Kent11 January 202326 January 2024Unknown
P317Ms Alicja Agata Larysz14 March 202316 March 2024Unknown
P318Mrs Karen Ann Duncan25 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P325Mr Anthony James Jordy04 August 202307 August 2024Unknown
P329Mr Farzan Niazi15 June 202328 June 2024Unknown
P332Mr Simon O'Connor24 August 202325 August 2024Unknown
P333Oakview Cars LTD03 July 202318 July 2024Unknown
P348Mr Paul O'Meara23 February 202308 March 2024Unknown
P350Mr Stuart Savage19 May 202303 June 2024Unknown
P365Mrs Shamoly Akther23 February 202306 February 2024Unknown
P376Mr Richard Gyan21 March 202327 March 2024Unknown
P382Mr Indra Gurung09 March 202324 March 2024Unknown
P392Mr Saju Stephen15 August 202322 August 2024Unknown
P393Mr Prem Bahadur Gurung01 September 202316 September 2024Unknown
EP394Mr Peter SaintMr Peter Saint22 September 202228 September 2023Unknown
P397Mr Bijai George15 June 202312 July 2024Unknown
P400Mr Farrukh Ali25 October 202226 October 2023Unknown
E407Mr John Keen09 September 202215 October 2023Unknown
P410Mr Harun Miah15 June 202323 June 2024Unknown
P415Mr David Fox13 July 202331 July 2024Unknown
P417Mr Stephen Minney27 February 202311 March 2024Unknown
P418Mr Stephen Minney25 July 202326 July 2024Unknown
P421Mr Terry Hadley03 January 202313 January 2024Unknown
P423Oakview Cars LTDMr Imran Akram03 July 202318 July 2024Unknown
P425Oakview Cars LtdMr Imran Akram19 May 202310 June 2024Unknown
P434Mr Philip Mathew21 June 202323 June 2024Unknown
P455Mr Peter Delgaty17 November 202220 November 2023Unknown
P460Mr Paul Bowles21 June 202304 July 2024Unknown
P465Mr Manjit Raj17 January 202304 February 2024Unknown
P470Mr Ali Akif Ali31 March 202303 April 2024Unknown
P473Mr James Andrews06 July 202309 July 2024Unknown
P491Mr Hussain Maricar-Sheik Alaudeen14 March 202314 April 2024Unknown
P513Mr Lincoln Batchelor07 March 202313 March 2024Unknown
P524Mr Sundar Gurung05 April 202328 April 2024Unknown
P528Mr Derek Craig27 February 202323 March 2024Unknown
P534Mr David Nidadavolu23 May 202309 June 2024Unknown
P542Mr Stephen Saju29 September 202203 October 2023Unknown
EP546Mr Daryl HorsnellMrs Hazel Horsnell12 October 202224 October 2023Unknown
P555Mr Farzad Jamy09 January 202311 January 2024Unknown
E560Mr Martin Jones15 June 202305 June 2024Unknown
P563Mr John Pius KunnacheryRini Karukayil15 June 202304 July 2024Unknown
P564Mr Alberto Paesano28 November 202219 December 2023Unknown
P573Mr Hussain Miah01 December 202204 December 2023Unknown
P576Mr Hirok Ashrafuzzaman13 February 202329 February 2024Unknown
EP579Mr Alistair Bisset17 March 202329 March 2024Unknown
P582Mr Dean Ramsden04 August 202310 August 2024Unknown
P583Mr Dean Ramsden07 September 202310 September 2024Unknown
P586Mr Hakan Dokuz22 August 202301 September 2024Unknown
P588Mr Stefan Alexandru Matita31 July 202329 August 2024Unknown
P598Mr Bino Phillip24 August 202303 September 2024Unknown
P600Mr Titty Jose28 February 202329 February 2024Unknown
P602Mr Darren Cullis06 July 202309 July 2024Unknown
P613Oakview Cars LTD20 April 202320 April 2024Unknown
P614Mr Marius Pajada25 May 202303 June 2024Unknown
P620Mr Stephen Hubbard30 March 202318 April 2024Unknown
P632Mr Karim Kourouma06 December 202222 December 2023Unknown
P635Mr Thomas George20 September 202204 October 2023Unknown
P638Mr Manish Sabharwal15 June 202323 July 2024Unknown
P639Mr Gopal Gurung15 June 202330 June 2024Unknown
P640Mr Derek Craig07 July 202324 July 2024Unknown
P641Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P644Oakview Cars Ltd19 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P645Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P646Oakview Cars Ltd14 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P647Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P649Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P650Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P651Oakview Cars Ltd17 July 202310 August 2024Unknown
P654Mr Shibi Cheppanath Kuriakose06 September 202307 September 2024Unknown
EP655Mr Darren May28 September 202202 October 2023Unknown
EP663Mr Andrew Mulley24 January 202323 January 2024Unknown
P666Junhui Zhang06 September 202315 September 2024Unknown
P667Mr Boban Mathews09 August 202316 September 2024Unknown
P668Mr Karim Kaba31 July 202316 September 2024Unknown
P669Abdul Munib26 September 202302 October 2024Unknown
P670Mr Simon O'Connor28 October 202231 October 2023Unknown
P671Mr Samuel Funkey Agboyo09 May 202319 May 2024Unknown
P680Oakview Cars Ltd16 December 202207 January 2024Unknown
P682Mr Moabad Hassan30 January 202316 February 2024Unknown
P683Mr Andy Mulley28 February 202310 March 2024Unknown
P684Mr Hasan Battaloglu21 February 202306 February 2024Unknown
P689Myumyun Gyuner Myumyun24 January 202324 January 2024Unknown
P690Mr Mansoor Wojran30 May 202307 June 2024Unknown
P692Mr Sushil KC22 March 202331 March 2024Unknown
P693Mr Jinming Ye11 April 202312 April 2024Unknown
P696Oakview Cars Ltd09 January 202309 January 2024Unknown
P697Mr David Fox01 December 202230 November 2023Unknown
P699Oakview Cars Ltd22 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P700Mrs Susannah AyresMr Carl Ayres05 April 202304 April 2024Unknown
P702Mr Darren Neal17 May 202325 May 2024Unknown
P708Mr Hemant Adhikari09 February 202315 February 2024Unknown
EP730Mr Barry Jack04 May 202310 May 2024Unknown
EP740Mr Tony Jon Billson23 March 202326 March 2024Unknown
P750Mr Banica-Marian Oprea25 April 202325 April 2024Unknown
P756Mehmet Yaman09 May 202310 May 2024Unknown
P764Miss Terri-Ann Joslin31 August 202330 October 2023Unknown
P769Mr Damian Greetham06 July 202329 July 2024Unknown
P781Mr Sangam Rai08 September 202311 September 2024Unknown
P785Mr Nathan Lambden01 November 202209 November 2023Unknown
P786Oakview Cars Ltd11 September 202326 September 2024Unknown
P790Mr Yozlem Arif17 April 202318 December 2023Unknown
P791Mr Paul David O'Meara01 September 202330 September 2024Unknown
P792Mr Lincoln Batchelor25 October 202227 October 2023Unknown
P793Mr Derek CraigSara Roberts23 November 202212 December 2023Unknown
P794Muhammad Anwar-Ul-Haq Khan25 April 202325 April 2024Unknown
P795Miss Margareta-Valentina Oprea25 April 202325 April 2024Unknown
P798Mr Nicusor Marian Lazar17 November 202220 November 2023Unknown
P799Mrs Julie Johnson03 August 202308 September 2024Unknown
P817Mr Mohamed Bahri10 November 202226 November 2023Unknown
P822Mr David Fox26 September 202302 October 2024Unknown
P825Mr Spencer Lee Clark15 June 202304 July 2024Unknown
P837Mr Richard Boye14 February 202313 February 2024Unknown
P849Hasan Dokuz22 August 202301 September 2024Unknown
P851Mr Raj Sangha09 January 202302 February 2024Unknown
P867Imran AkramMr Imran Akram
Oakview Cars Ltd
25 May 202310 June 2024Unknown
P886Cuma Turkmenoglu13 April 202312 April 2024Unknown
P888Mr Gary Anthony Fox23 March 202325 March 2024Unknown
P891Oakview Cars Ltd01 November 202202 November 2023Unknown
P892Mr Sibi Varghese03 January 202322 February 2024Unknown
P894Oakview Cars Ltd01 November 202202 November 2023Unknown
P895Mr Mamadou Sow13 February 202307 March 2024Unknown
P900Mr Michael Franzmann08 February 202321 February 2024Unknown
EP902Mr Ian Sheppard06 April 202306 April 2024Unknown
P906Mr Stephen Lee Jones04 November 202201 December 2023Unknown
P909Mr Andy Mulley21 March 202315 April 2024Unknown
P911Mr Mohammad Saleem31 July 202325 August 2024Unknown
EP912Mr Lee Perry15 November 202214 November 2023Unknown
P917Mr Steven Henry Ayres17 July 202318 August 2024Unknown
P919Mr Erdogan Fettin13 February 202321 February 2024Unknown
P920Mr Joseph Scariah04 November 202226 November 2023Unknown
P924Mr Ian John Davies28 February 202324 March 2024Unknown
P939Mr Foysol Chowdhury20 February 202324 February 2024Unknown
P941Mr David Fox21 March 202303 April 2024Unknown
P944Mr Rashid Imran31 August 202304 September 2024Unknown
P956Mr Derek Craig07 July 202307 July 2024Unknown
P962Mr Khazen Hussain27 October 202210 November 2023Unknown
P967Mr Darren Cullis15 February 202314 February 2024Unknown
P970Mr Oury Diallo06 December 202207 December 2023Unknown
P974Jerzy Jozef Nikadon09 May 202309 May 2024Unknown
P977Mr Christopher Peter Brassett31 May 202313 June 2024Unknown
P981Mr Saju Stephen28 November 202222 December 2023Unknown
P985Mr Wojciech Trzebinski13 December 202208 January 2024Unknown
P991Mr Hamidou Barry07 March 202322 March 2024Unknown
P1006Oakview Cars Ltd14 August 202331 August 2024Unknown
P1008Oakview Cars Ltd14 August 202331 August 2024Unknown

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