Property maintenance

The council has repair and maintenance responsibilities for many of the commercial buildings it owns. We do not undertake any repairs to housing association properties. Please visit our housing associations page for further information regarding housing association contact details.


In the cases of fire, flood, gas leak and loss of power or water, the safety of human life takes priority.


In the event of a fire, in the first instance, please follow your company's fire evacuation policy, call 999 and request fire brigade attendance.

Please report the incident to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council thereafter to assist/visit as necessary by calling 01256 844844. Please note that our insurance team may also need to visit.


If a burst water pipe occurs, then please turn the water off at the stop cock to the property. If the building is multi-occupancy, please inform other tenants within the property so they are aware of the situation and that the water to the building may be affected. Please use the form below to report to report to Property Services.

Property maintenance form

Gas leak

If you detect signs of a gas leak, please take the following action in the first instance:

  • DO NOT ignite naked flame such as matches, cigarette lighters etc.
  • DO NOT switch lights, electrical equipment on or off and DO NOT use a mobile phone within the building as they could cause a spark
  • OPEN doors and windows to allow fresh air in
  • TURN OFF the gas at the mains tap, usually adjacent to the gas meter
  • LEAVE the property
  • TELEPHONE the National Gas Emergency on 0800 111 999 - follow the advice given and wait for the gas engineer to arrive.

If we need to be of assistance following the visit by the gas engineer, please use the form below to report to Property Services.

Property maintenance form

No power or water

In the first instance please contact neighbours to see if they have the same issue, if they do then contact the relevant supplier if this has not happened already:

Gas Emergency Service: 0800 111 999

South East Water: 0333 207 9030

Electric Supply: 0800 072 7282

If neighbours have the relevant supply, please check to ensure you have paid your bill. If yes, please use the form below to report to Property Services for assistance. If no, then please call your supplier to see what can be done.

Property maintenance form

Out of hours emergency

If you have an out of hours emergency please call 01256 844844, this will automatically redirect you to the out of hours service.

All other repairs

Any other emergencies or urgent calls, eg. a health and safety requirement see attached list (opens in a new window)(PDF)[115kb], please report by using the form below:

Property maintenance form

The form is emailed directly to Property Services and monitored regularly, during council working hours.

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