Dead animals

The Local Authority’s Street Cleansing team is responsible for removing dead animals such as domestic pets and larger wildlife (deer, foxes and badgers) from public land or highway only. Smaller animals, such as rabbits, pigeons or pheasants, will not be removed.

Bodies of domestic pets will be taken to the Barn Animal Hospital in Lychpit where they will be scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is found, the owner will be contacted.

We log all reports of dead domestic animals that are removed, so if you are missing a family pet and suspect that it may have been involved in an accident, please ask us.

We also log reports of lost and found domestic pets, so if your pet is missing you can report it to the council by calling 01256 844844. Details of where your pet was last seen and any distinguishing features will help us answer your query.

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