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Litter is unsightly and potentially dangerous. It creates unnecessary work for our teams who are responsible for litter clearance throughout the borough.

Discarded food waste attracts rats and other pests and encourages feral pigeons. Sweet wrappers, crisp packets and fast food containers pose a serious fire risk. Animals are regularly injured or killed by litter. Farm animals choke on plastic bags, birds get tangled up in fishing lines, and small mammals are trapped in bottles and cans. People throwing rubbish out of cars cause road accidents and carelessly discarded cigarette ends start grass fires, especially during dry summers.

People create litter. It is everyone's responsibility to dispose of their waste properly. There are approximately 2,500 litter bins in our borough. Please use them. And if you can’t find a bin - take your litter home.

Dropping litter is an offence and people can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 if caught or prosecuted at a Magistrates' Court. Dropping litter from a vehicle can see a person fined £150 or prosecuted.

Any reports of people regularly dropping litter or dumping other items (fly-tipping), will be investigated and legal proceedings undertaken whenever possible. You can report litter by clicking on the button below:

Report litter

Needles, syringes and other drug related items are being increasingly discarded. There are a number of hazards associated with handling these items and if discovered you should contact us, as a matter of urgency, on 01256 844844 to have them safely removed.

Any drug related items found on any school premises (including nurseries and colleges) during working hours should be reported immediately to the premises directly where staff on site are trained to deal with such items.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is a member of the Keep Britain Tidy organisation, support local communities to live in a safe and clean environment.

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