Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It's an eyesore, it's harmful to the environment, it can be dangerous to anyone who comes in to contact with it and it's expensive to clean up. Despite all this some people think nothing of fly-tipping waste. None of us should tolerate this behaviour.

Keeping our borough and streets clean and clear is a priority for Basingstoke residents as shown by the last residents' survey. Sadly, the amount of fly-tipping we see around the borough means that keeping our streets and roads clear is a big and costly challenge.

What should I do if I see a fly-tip?

Fly-tip flow diagram

The following information may help us to make a successful prosecution:

  • The day, date and time of the incident you saw.
  • Were any vehicles involved? Make, model, colour and registration number.
  • Details of what was being fly-tipped eg household waste, garden rubbish, broken furniture.
  • How much was dumped, for example black sacks, wheelbarrow full of green waste, contents of a car boot, van load?
  • How many people were involved and what they looked like?

Please do not put yourself at any risk if you witness an incident. Your personal safety is always more important than anything else.

We spend considerable amounts of time and money removing fly-tipped rubbish and we are seeking your help to prevent this problem.

Waste disposal - You're responsible for your waste

If you pay someone to take your waste away, make sure you are absolutely certain that it’s being taken away by a licensed waste carrier. Check on the Environment Agency website for a licensed waste carrier, if they are not listed, then the chances are they’re rogue traders.

Have you seen a fly-tip recently and wondered how it got there? Rogue trader maybe?

Make absolutely sure you know who you are employing and where the waste gets taken. Be curious, ask questions – any legitimate business will gladly explain these things to you.

If you don’t do these checks, if you don’t know who is taking your waste and don’t know where it’s ending up, you are the one that could be held responsible if it’s fly-tipped. This is your duty of care.

You are responsible for your waste – if you don’t act responsibly you are the one who could be prosecuted. Don’t be caught out by a rogue traders. Protect yourself, protect our environment.

If you need information on how to get rid of your waste take a look at Household Waste and Recycling Centres (the tip) for information on the waste you can take there.

Or, for help with choosing a reputable waste carrier visit our rogue waste carriers page.

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