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Roads, footpaths and highways - who to contact

The council works with Hampshire County Council on road and traffic issues and it can often be difficult to work out who is responsible. To help clarify some of the most common enquiries this page sets out who is responsible for what and provides contact details.

Hampshire County Council

Your first point of contact when reporting a footpath, road or highway issue should be via Hampshire County Council website

Faults, defects and potholes on roads

To a report a fault or defect on the highway visit Hampshire County Council's road maintenance webpage.

Street lighting

For street lighting faults and enquiries visit Hampshire County Council's webpage.

Highway maintenance

  • roads, footpaths, bridges and subways
  • overhanging trees/vegetation
  • road signs (not street name plate signs)
  • road markings
  • vehicular and pedestrian dropped kerbs
  • traffic lights (temporary locations)
  • bollards
  • flooding of the highway
  • winter gritting
  • grit (salt) bins

Road safety

  • accident sites and casualty figures
  • data analysis
  • road safety audits
  • accident prevention and investigation
  • road safety education
  • measures that tackle speeding issues
  • highway safety schemes

For information on road safety please visit Hampshire County Council road safety webpage

Street works

  • temporary traffic regulation orders (road closures, speed limits) - contact
  • works by utility companies
  • skip licences
  • scaffolding licences
  • banners on or over the highway

For information on licences and consents for street works go to Hampshire County Council website

Roads in new developments

Visit Hampshire County Council's website for information on roads in new developments.

Traffic lights

For information or report a problem with traffic systems go to Hampshire County Council website

  • traffic lights (permanent locations)
  • signal controlled pedestrian crossings
  • traffic information signs (variable message signs)

Rights of way

These are paths and tracks which you can use to cross private land. If a member of public strays off a right of way onto land which they have no other rights of public access they will be committing a trespass. Visit Hampshire County Council's website - Rights of Way for further information, including:

  • finding rights of way
  • rights of way responsibilities
  • online mapping service to plan your route

For information on rights of way please visit Hampshire County Council website

Traffic management

  • HGV controls
  • Banned turns
  • One way streets
  • Speed restrictions
  • parking controls (yellow lines, permit parking) and enforcement
  • on-street disabled persons parking bays
  • new or improved road signs and lines

For further information visit Hampshire County Council's traffic management webpage

Highway development control

  • planning applications
  • planning appeals
  • planning enforcement

For information on highway development control visit Hampshire County Council's website

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council


  • additional parking construction projects
  • drop kerbs to assist disabled pedestrians
  • car park traffic orders and maintenance
  • road closures for minor events


Street furniture in public parks and green spaces

  • street lighting
  • litter bins
  • public benches and seating
  • bollards and signs
  • street name plates

Contact us to report a problem.

Street or road name plate signs (not road traffic signs)

Contact us to report a missing or broken road or street sign.

Bus shelters

Report a problem with a bus shelter

Transport strategy

  • public transport
  • new bus shelters
  • new cycle routes


Streetcare and cleansing

  • abandoned vehicles
  • dead animals
  • fly-tipping
  • vandalism
  • dog fouling
  • noise nuisance
  • street nameplates

Report a problem with streetcare and cleansing

Street trading

  • fast food vans in lay-bys
  • selling of vehicles on the highway

Contact us to report street trading

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