Environmental permitting

Companies carrying out activities that could potentially cause emissions to air, land or water may need to hold an Environmental Permit under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.  If certain changes occur to the activity, or the company changes hand, then the permit may need to be varied or transferred.  If the activity ceases, then the permit will need to be surrendered.

Do I need an Environmental Permit?

To find out whether or not your company needs to hold, vary, transfer or surrender a permit please visit the DEFRA website.

Small Waste Oil Burners

Recent changes to legislation has seen the inclusion of small waste oil burners (SWOBs) under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). The IED replaced the Waste Incineration Directive and places stringent operating, monitoring and reporting requirements upon any technical unit, irrespective of its size or capacity, in which waste is incinerated or co-incinerated.

As a result of these changes, operators of simple devices, such as heaters burning waste oil in garages, will no longer be permitted to burn waste oil in such devices unless the operator obtains the necessary permit in accordance with Schedule 13A of the Environmental Permitting Regulations and meets the requirements of the IED for the operation of waste incineration and waste co-incineration plants. The cost of a Schedule 13A permit is currently £3363.

These changes mean that it is no longer cost effective to operate a SWOB using waste oil, however, non-waste fuels such as kerosene, gas oil or fuel oil can still be used.

How to apply for an Environmental Permit

You can apply for an Environmental Permit online:

Application for Environmental Permit A2

Application for Environmental Permit Part B

Application for Small Waste Incineration Plant Schedule 13A (opens in a new window) (PDF) [720kb]

To request hard copies of application forms please contact the Environmental Health Team by emailing ehteam@basingstoke.gov.uk

Fees and charges and risk assessment

A one-off application fee needs to accompany your completed application form. An application is not ‘duly made’ until the correct fee has been received. Once a permit is issued, there is also an annual subsistence charge payable to the local authority. See more about fees and charges.

Environmental Permitting Public Register

Environmental Permitting Public Register Part A1 activities within the borough - which are regulated by the Environment Agency

Please visit our Environmental Permitting Public Register Part B activities page for a list of Part B activities regulated by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

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