Supported housing

Supported housing is for single, homeless people with a local connection to Basingstoke and Deane who could benefit from support to sustain and manage their housing. People are offered accommodation on the understanding that they agree to work with the support offered by the provider. This is primarily through May Place House.

May Place House is a local hostel which offers short-term accommodation to people who are homeless, single and aged 18 or over. Referrals are made thorough Julian House Outreach team who can be contacted on 01256 322791. After a short period, residents of May Place House may move into medium-term supported housing. This will usually consist of a bedroom and shared kitchen and bathroom facilities with other residents. Independent facilities is usually only offered as part of a staged move-on to those who have lived successfully within a shared environment. Therefore, an initial supported housing option would be to share with other tenants.

Kind of support that is available

Supported housing can offer help with any of the following:

  • day to day budgeting
  • learning living skills
  • engaging in employment, further education or training
  • accessing benefits
  • accessing advice, support and liaison services
  • maintaining a safe and secure home
  • developing social and support networks
  • moving on to live independently within the private rented sector
  • access to peer mentoring and psychological support.

Who can get help with supported housing

You can be considered for supported housing if you:

  • are 16* to 59 years old and
  • are single and
  • have housing related support needs

And are experiencing any of the following:

  • homelessness
  • mental health problems
  • substance misuse
  • learning difficulties
  • domestic violence

*There are a limited number of supported housing placements for those aged 16 and 17 years of age. Children aged 16 and 17 years of age will normally be the responsibility of their parents or Children’s Services. It is only in exceptional circumstances that they may be considered for a supported housing placement through the housing department. All referrals for young person services will be sent through Children Services.

Apply for supported housing

If you are single and homeless or threatened with homelessness, you will need to seek advice at the council offices or by phoning the Housing Team on 01256 844844. Alternatively referrals can be made through Julian House. Applicants will need to contact Julian House Outreach Team on 01256 322791, referrals can also be made by other agencies, such as:

  • Adult Services
  • Community Mental Health Team
  • National Probation Service
  • Youth Offending Team
  • The Prison Service.

Other supported services currently on offer in Basingstoke:

  • Mary Rose Court, 19 short term accommodation bedsits/flats, 27 short-medium term shared rooms and flats, lower support
  • Homelessness Prevention Tenancy Training Programmes
  • Rough Sleeper Outreach and Navigator services (multiple high needs support)
  • Outcome Home - a social enterprise providing peer mentorship and psychological services, for people who experience homelessness in the Basingstoke and Deane area
  • Womens Early Intervention Service
  • Housing First
  • Low level supported accommodation projects
When might an application for May Place House or supported housing be declined?

You might not be referred to supported housing if:

  • You do not have housing related support needs.
  • You have previously successfully managed and maintained a tenancy and do not need an environment that provides housing related support.
  • You have not been honest, or only been partially honest, about any aspect of your referral at interview.

If you have previously accessed supported housing and accrued rent arrears or displayed behaviours which have led to you being evicted from a service, or you choosing to leave a service, you will be expected to actively engage in an action plan to address these previous issues before being referred again for a supported housing service. For example, this may include you being expected to engage in a rent repayment plan or with drug/alcohol support services.

How long will I wait for a place if I am accepted on the waiting list?

There are 20 bed spaces at May Place House and often there are many people who are single, homeless and trying to access this accommodation. It could take several weeks, following your acceptance, before you are offered a vacancy. As soon as a suitable placement is available, the provider of that service will contact you directly.

How long will I stay in supported housing?

Individuals usually move on from May Place House within 12 to 24 weeks. If you move on into alternative supported housing from May Place House, it is likely that you will stay for six months to two years. Throughout this time, you will be expected to save money and develop your tenancy skills to assist you with moving on into independent living within the private rented sector.

How will I move on from supported housing?

The most likely way that you will move on will be into the private rented sector. Your support plan whilst living in supported housing will focus on budgeting and saving money towards a deposit and rent in advance within the private rented sector. If you are under the age of 35 then this would be for a room in a shared house. If you are aged 35 and over, this could be a studio or one bedroom flat.

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