Taxi (Hackney Carriage) vehicle register

This is a complete list of all the hackney carriage vehicles which are licensed by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. As the list is updated every day, the information will never be more than 24 hours out of date.

Licence Number - the number displayed on the hackney carriage licence plate on the rear of the licensed vehicle.

Licensee - The individual or organisation which holds the licence for the Hackney Carriage vehicle.

Plate numberProprietorOther proprietorsIssued dateExpiry dateWheelchair accessible
H1Mr Louis DispinseriMrs Chandrika D. Joshi05 June 202323 June 2024Yes
H2Mr Steven Tawton24 April 202302 May 2024Yes
H3Mr Louis DispinseriMrs Sophie Dispinseri01 August 202318 September 2024Yes
H4Mr Louis Dispinseri14 October 202226 November 2023Yes
H6Mr Mohammed Baksh10 May 202324 May 2024Yes
H9Mr Louis Dispinseri27 February 202307 March 2024Yes
H10Mr Simon Pickering23 November 202203 December 2023Yes
H12Ms Olufunke Akinleye21 October 202221 November 2023Yes
H17John DeaconMrs Chandrika Joshi12 September 202325 November 2023Yes
H44Mr Robert Lincoln15 September 202321 September 2024Yes
H46Mr Damian Greetham22 August 202325 September 2024Yes
H50Mr Gaurav Verma18 January 202326 January 2024Yes
H53Mr Simon O'ConnorMrs Jody O'Connor18 July 202306 August 2024Yes
H82Mr Shahel AhmedRajia Ahmed14 October 202205 November 2023Yes
H103Mr Gary MichaelsMs Martina Seal17 January 202331 January 2024Yes
H117Mr Jason Scott William OsborneMs Sue Dunn19 May 202302 June 2024Yes
H119Mr Eric MorganMs Carole Ann Morgan21 October 202202 November 2023Yes
H120Mr Graham WrideMr Jack Wride18 May 202319 May 2024Yes
H128Mr Steven William MurphyMrs Caroline Murphy04 August 202316 August 2024Yes
H150Mr Mohammed Monir09 May 202310 May 2024Yes
H165Mr Louis DispinseriMrs Sophie Dispinseri01 August 202304 September 2024Yes
H168Mr Eric Oldfield24 May 202304 June 2024Yes
H173Mr Stephen GubbyMr Stephen Gubby
Mrs Margaret Rose Irving
Mrs Margaret Rose Irving
24 January 202307 May 2023Yes
H179Mr Derek HoldenMr Derek Holden20 September 202230 October 2023Yes
H245Mr Louis DispinseriMrs Sophie Dispinseri14 October 202224 October 2023Yes
H250Mr Desmond Flanagan15 June 202305 July 2024Yes
H254Miss Alison BosanquetMr Michael Johnson26 September 202217 October 2023Yes
H256Mr Thomas Cliff17 May 202331 May 2024Yes
H257Mr Carlton Griffiths16 June 202328 January 2024Yes
H260Mr Declan Elward03 March 202309 March 2024Yes
H266Mr Alexander Edmund Hugh FrancisAndrea Francis09 May 202330 May 2024Yes
H364Mr Christopher Limbu28 June 202317 July 2024Yes
H416Mr Louis DispinseriMrs Sophie Dispinseri27 June 202304 August 2024Yes
H422Mr Simon Jonathan Raven01 August 202315 September 2024Yes
H431Mr Neil BakerMr Thomas Baker12 September 202324 September 2024Yes
H531Mr Bikal Shrestha07 July 202330 June 2024Yes
H626Mr Alister O'Connor07 December 202207 December 2023Yes
H850Mr Teague O'Connor07 August 202303 September 2024Yes
H884Mr Saju Stephen02 June 202302 June 2024Yes

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