Upper Cufaude Farm SPD

In March 2019 the council adopted a new Supplementary Planning Document (the SPD) regarding the Upper Cufaude Farm housing allocation site, which is now a material consideration for the determination of planning applications.

The Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan 2011 to 2029 includes a policy requirement (within policy SS3) to bring forward masterplans or development briefs on the greenfield housing allocations in the plan. The SPD provides guidance regarding how the site should be delivered in a manner which helps to ensure that the Local Plan’s requirements are met.

The SPD identifies five key issues which are considered most pertinent to the development of the site:

  • mix of homes and social and community infrastructure
  • transport and access
  • environmental quality
  • heritage
  • design

A series of ‘development principles’ have been set out in relation to these issues, which provide clear requirements which will need to underpin the development of the site. The development principles are also accompanied by supporting text, which provides more comprehensive guidance in relation to the development principles and relevant ALP policies.

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