Local Development Scheme (LDS)

What is the LDS?

The Local Development Scheme document provides a project plan identifying which local development documents will be produced, in what order and when. It outlines the details and timetable for the production of all documents that make up the Local Plan over a three-year period. The latest LDS was published in May 2019 and is available to download below.

The Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan (2011–2029) was adopted in May 2016. National guidance promotes the concept of an on-going cycle of plan making and review, which is reinforced by the statutory requirement to review Plans every five years. Following a review which considered recent changes to national planning policy, including the introduction of a new standardised methodology for local housing need, and also local priorities and circumstances, the council has taken the decision to update the current adopted Local Plan 2011-2029.

Subsequent updates to the LDS following publication

Update: January 2022

The first major public consultation on the LPU concluded in late 2020. The non-statutory consultation focused on key issues and options for the update. A high response rate was achieved for this early stage of consultation, with responses received from a variety of stakeholders ranging from statutory consultees; town and parish councils; residents groups and individuals; local businesses; neighbouring local authorities; planning agents; infrastructure providers; landowners and developers, more information can be found by visiting our Issues and Options Consultation page.

In January 2022, the LDS was updated with a shift in date for the regulation 18 consultation timescale.

It is noted that this timetable may need to be reviewed further in due course following future legislative changes to the planning system which will result from the published White Paper: Planning for the Future. This webpage will continue to be updated, so please continue to review this webpage for the most up to date information.

A revised timetable for updating the Local Plan (as of January 2022) is outlined below:

Milestone and explanation of milestone Date/Expected date
Potential Issues and Options consultation

The Issues and Options consultation represented the first public consultation stage in the update process, this is a non-statutory stage of consultation.
Completed in Autumn 2020
Consultation on draft Plan (Regulation 18)

This statutory stage includes a six week consultation on the draft Plan, which will set out the council’s preferred strategy for accommodating future growth. Comments made at this stage will help to shape the next stage of the Plan
Summer/Autumn 2022
Publication of Submission Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19)

This involves the publication of the Plan in a form which the council believes to be sound and which it intends to submit for examination. This stage includes a further six week consultation period. Comments must specifically relate to the legal compliance and soundness of the plan.
Spring 2023
Submission (Regulation 22)

This is when the plan is submitted by the council to the Secretary of State. The evidence base and the representations made during the Submission Plan consultation are also provided to the Secretary of State. The Examination of the Local Plan starts at this point.
Summer 2023
Examination and Main Modifications

The examination involves an independent Planning Inspector testing the plan for legal compliance and soundness. This process includes an examination in public when public hearings are held.
Autumn 2023

The final stage in the process is the formal adoption of the Plan by the council. Once adopted it forms part of the development plan for the area and will guide future development.
Spring 2024

A number of neighbourhood plans have also been made or are being developed across the Borough. These also form part of the borough’s Development Plan, guiding development in specific parishes. Read more information on Neighbourhood Plans.

We have produced a newsletter for those who are interested in the Local Plan update. Read our Local Plan update newsletter.


PDF document Local Development Scheme - May 2019(PDF) [836 kb]

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